Thursday, October 29, 2009


Yeah, I know it's not friendship day or anything. But wanted to write about my friends. Over the years I have met and have become friends with lot of them. Since childhood I was the one who had more friends than any of my siblings. Well, not that I was counting. ;o). I just used to make more friends prbly coz I am very talkative.. Sometimes I think I talk too much, that is another thing.!! Am not talking about myself now though. It's all about my friends.

Just like all kinds and sorts of people in the world, I have all kinds of friends too. (No freaks pls. heheheeeheh). All of them are fun to be with (at least for me). Some might not talk at all, but some can go for hours. My parents and my hubby had wondered many a times how I am friends with certain person, (nothing suspicious of any bad sort, just that they were quiet)... and they would be even more surprised when the quietest person on earth would sit and talk to me forever.

All of them are close to my heart for some reason or the other. I call up some when I just need a chitter chatter.. Some when I need to pour my soul out.., some, just to get a good laugh. Over the time mine and my friends lives have revolved around family & kids.., so obviously talk goes around them too most of the time. Then there are days when some of us hang out & act like teenagers.. Gossip, Drool over something random! I wish I could have more days like that.. But time constraint there isn't many moments like that nowadays..

I miss those care free days of my college.. Esp. my friends I had in those days too. My engineering college friends were the most prankish ones I had! Still remember some of the things that they have done over the yrs. Each one was different, but we all bonded over the lectures, heart aches, head aches, college gatherings and at our "Adda's". We all are still in touch, and whenever we are in town we try to meet up.. Which doesn’t happen often. I get to go to India once in 2 or 3 yrs.. And with bz schedules it gets even harder.

Recently two of my friends moved away, whom I was really close to.. It's their friendliness and no formality part that I miss.. Here in US during my initial days, I had gotten used to the fact that whenever you need to visit someone, you call first! But over the yrs I found some who doesn't need that call... If you drop in, they are glad you are.. With job, kids and family wkds are the only ones that we get to do anything.. And sometimes it gets hard to go out and keep meeting everyone. (I know my kids gets tired of it sometimes).. When they do have the same age kids it becomes even easier. ;o).

It's a way of life I guess,.. you keep meeting people, from acquaintances to they become friends, some for life, some for .. what do they say.. "just a hi - bye friend" :o).. But I love all of them.. Here's to long lasting friendships!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Stunt!!

Last Thursday someone in my office sent an email around saying that there was a 6 yr old stuck in a homemade weather balloon. Went to CNN to watch their live video. It said that this family was building a balloon shaped like a flying saucer, for whatever reasons.! And on Thursday morning the balloon it became untethered from their backyard. The older sibling said that he saw his little brother climb in. So thus began the frantic search for the balloon. As soon as the authorities tracked the balloon, which was now flying high at about 7,000 ft., they raced behind it on ground and by air. The media helicopters started helping with tracking it. Flights were diverted coz it was near the Denver airport.

So, I sat there at work & started watching the live video and started to think about that little boy who could still be on board. My heart was breaking just to think about how scared that boy could be, that is if he is still alive. He is as old as my son, so I could imagine how hard it must have been for his parents to sit and watch this. I said a silent prayer for well being of that boy, was hoping that he had never got on board or must have fallen off in few minutes.

After almost 2 hours on flight, that balloon started to descend. When it touched the ground (we all were sitting and watching this at work btw.!!! ) there seems to be no one inside.. Sure enough after they checked inside, no one was there. Again began the frantic search of where is that little boy.

When I got home, went online again to see what happened. Turns out the boy was hiding in the attic all the time and didn’t come out when called coz he was scared. Next day they were there on all the channels and as one media personnel asked the boy, “so why didn’t you answer or come out when everyone called you?”. Boy turned to father and said, “You had said that we did this for a show”.. Wohooo.. what did that boy just say? !!!! I was so mad, and I am sure thousands of others are mad at being taken for granted. When there were thousands of people searching and wasting the tax payer’s money, all they did was for a show.! Shame on them if they really tried this and shame on them for using that little boy to do such a stunt.

Now the parents are denying that this boy could have said anything coz he is so confused with all the cameras around. But I personally think kids say darnest things, but they mostly say truth!. If the parents are at guilt, I do wish they will be brought to justice. Still, at the back of my head, I am glad that, that little boy is eventually O.k..
If you are interested in following the story.. Here is the link,

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This one's for my parents..

Now that I am mom of two, I keep wondering how my parents managed 4 kids. Growing up my dad was the only bread-winner. Not only 4 kids and wife, he had sisters to be married off, brothers to get settled..

He is from a small town from coastal Karnataka. He was oldest son out of 8 kids. Being oldest he was “supposed” to handle all the home responsibilities. Growing up he did lot of side works like helping out his mom with chores, selling milk and flowers etc to get some extra income. My grandpa was way too much interested in film industry & wanted to invest money in that. So, lost lot of money; had to sell whatever land they had. My dad, whom I call Pappa, after his degree in Arts, got a job in bank. Through his dedication, attention to detail & sincerity in his work often he got promoted. When I was 2 yrs old they moved to Bangalore to a new city. We were three girls then & my mom expecting her fourth child.
 My mom grew up in a very small village. But with her perseverance she managed to get a college degree. Well, she gave her final year exam a wk or 2 weeks after her wedding it seems. She had 5 siblings. Grandpa had 6 girls and my mom was the 5th one. She grew up in lot of hardship; they hardly had luxury of owning new pairs of clothes. Most of them came down from her siblings. My mom’s oldest sister, after her marriage helped her sisters with some of her little savings. Aayi (my mom) often told me about how her sister would try to get something or the other when she came down to see them from Mumbai.

Both my parents are very soft spoken and I do not remember my dad ever raising his voice or raising his hands on us.. Even though they were from small town, their thinking was never like a small. My mom has always encouraged us to be independent and make our voices heard. Also, she would tell us how to be kind to others & be patient. While Pappa took care of earning part, Aayi managed the house. There was never ending traffic of Pappa’s sisters, brothers, their kids, uncle’s kids, long time friend’s relative’s son etc. Our home was first stop for everyone from our native, who landed in Bangalore in search of new job or for studies.

Even with all this there weren’t many occasions when they refused anything for us. They always made sure we get into good schools. Exposed to new avenues in life, they would help us in our school works, be it a science project or a painting competition. Always encouraged us to do extra curricular activities & just not constraint ourselves to studies. All of us *touchwood* did well in our school & in life. I am just so proud of my parents, for managing so many things in their life & not let us know that pain ever. I can go on blogging about them for hours together I think. There is still so much more to write and say….. But I think it will never be enough to say how much I love them & how I appreciate all the things they did and still do for us.

When my lil daughter was born this march, my parents were the only ones to step up and help us out for 5 months. Without them I donno how I would have managed. I am glad to have them as my parents & wish and pray that if I have more lives than this one, then I would always want to get them as my parents. Pappa & Aayi I Love you both and Miss you a lot.

Friday, September 25, 2009

My lil wonder..

It's fun to see how babies learn new stuff & do things. With their immese attention to details & grasp news things, learning new tricks.. I have always enjoyed being around babies., it was so much fun watching my son grow. Now with lil one at it, it's even more fun. I guess first time around I used to scrutinize every little thing under the microscope and being parent first time was overwhelming too.

She has started her day care now. I think she picks up lot of stuff (ofcourse she is picking lot of bacterias too!!!, she has been sick since she has started ) from there. After a wk in there, one day she was getting sleepy & I was trying to change her clothes. She started wailing. And suddenly she started throwing herself backwards.. I was like where do u learn such stuff from.

Her bro is always around her trying to show her liltlle things. She sucks her fingers, so he keeps compalining that she puts her hand in the mouth... goes lovingly to her & tries to take her hands off her mouth.. When he goes near her, she watches him intently and tries to soak in what he is doing. I have heard her many times trying 'da da' (Dada for big brother in our language). tries to grab him closer whenever he is around. Her brothers face lights up the minute he sees her & same feelings show on hers.

Then there is my hubby.. She just loves loves loves him I think.. The min she hears his voice, he has to pick her up IMMEDIATELY... She leaves anything and everything at hand (or in mouth) and starts jumping at him. There are days when he is out of town, so I used to think she might get attached to me more.. but looks like I have a Pappa's girl at hand already.

The day she turned 6 months, I went to pick her up.. ofcourse she wanted to go to her dad as soon as she saw him. He was taking her out in the sunshine.. So I wave her "bye bye" and she returned in back.. I was puzzled abt what she did. And when we tried again, she would do it again every time.. Nowadays whenever she wants us to pick up also she starts waving.. hillarious to watch that.

When I go to see her in the afternoon too, she is all jumpy & happy.. And when we drop her off she is having hard time. Her teacher exclaimed that none of the kids are usally know this emotion so early.. and she asked if she was really attached to us.. I don't know if she does, but I do know she loves us and we love her.. I think she just plain likes being around us.. My babies are getting sooo big everyday. Trying to gather all the joys of their childhood as much as I can... Time seems to be not enough to enjoy these precious moments..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Who is not on social networking nowadays. Everyone seems to have one or the other means of being in touch with their society. When I was introduced to it, I was/ am under the impression that those sites were too dangerous to put anything up & too much data is out there for anyone's grab. First I joined Orkut, after lot of my friends persuaded me to that. I was more of the ph-call person, rather than actually writing emails.. Well, may be not all that true.. i would write emails, but would rather talk most of the times. So when one of my friend was going back to India for good, I joined to keep in touch with her. Next thing I know, there were so many friends over there... After minor glitches, I was on full swing using it.. I love the fact that I can be in touch with so many of my lost friends now. They r just a scrap away...

Then there came facebook demand.. Few friends started insisting that it is much more flexible ( or whatever reasons they gave.. don't remember)... but after a much thought, I joined that too. Now I think I use more of it, than orkut, simply coz I have both American & Indian friends over there & most of them seems to be active over there. Ease of use,.. well... there were days I would think what was Wall about.:o).. Still haven't figured out most of the stuff out there.. I sometimes like to read what's going on in my friends lives... Wait a sec.., sometimes from some of them I get to know toooooo much., way too much.. I mean, literally.. there is an update on some people profile every other hour.! Feels like I am on the run with them whole day.!!!

Then there are whole lot of third party applications.. Most of them I avoid. ( well, I can hardly convince myself that I should take a quiz to see what color I am.!!! .. hmmm.. donno if I were a color? question ever came to me. Ofcourse many have asked what color u like or I sometimes think what colors I like,... but me being a color..!!). Still, fun reading results from others who took them.. sometimes I cave in and take some of those & have a good laugh after the results come out.

In the end,... it is making a world even more smaller.. Almost any community you can follow using it. It is connecting people everywhere.. Me being people person, likes it.. It works for me, just open it and scribble on a friends wall.. even if it means just writing a :o)..

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Picky eater.!!

I have been struggling with my picky eater all the time. First it used to be with any dairy products. He would not take anything. Getting some calcium into him was a huge huge deal. Then atlast I think he gave in and now he drinks atleast 2 glasses of milk ( I would call it modified, coz he would not drink it in it's true white color identity. It has to be modified by adding something to it.!!). He would never eat any cheese, now he surprises me by asking me to pack cheese sandwich for his lunch & by ordering cheese sandwich at the restaurants!!! Well, y'day he wanted to go all the way to Red Robin, just to get that.

He always liked fruits. Put fruits & junk in front of him, he would go for fruits ( well recently it has been only if there is no cookie involved). The more fight we give I think he puts on more resistance. My frustration was at it's peak last wk. It would literally take him 2 hrs to finish his dinner. All the time I thought I have been saying, " Please eat", "Finish your food", " finish the milk" .... arghhh.... Then one day, I said am not going to trouble myself with all that sitting behind him. I just gave up. Voila.!!!!! He wanted to eat his dinner now. Now I fix him something ONLY if he wants it. Ofcourse he sits there and picks at it later. And only when we threaten to leave him downstairs and go sleep upstairs he hurries up and finishes that food.

Am not sure how much we should force them. But both me & hubby being soooooo in love with food, am always surprised why we didn't rub off our "THIS" particular character on him. Since the days I remember & from what my parents have always told me, I was always a good eater. I would try different stuff & never fuss too much about food. I was the easy one on food dept. :o)

I have seen some who make the kids eat forcefully or by feeding them, makes me wonder, should I try that.. I never took my son out to show something else & stuff food in him. Always made him sit at table & eat. Thought that will teach him manners & a routine of sitting in one place & eating.

Now that another little one is growing up to start table foods am wondering if I went wrong somewhere... Advice me if you have been successful with your lil ones on raising a good eater.!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Thinking about it makes me fume.. It's about something that happened to one of my friend. I just can't imagine someone would hurt such a sweet person. For privacy sake I don't want to elaborate on what happened. But the fact that someone so close to her made her look bad in front of many people makes me want to do something about it. I know I can't really do anything about this particular incident, but had to voice my opinion.

It's ridiculous how many incidents I have heard where people act like friends in front & do really bad things at the back. If someone is not nice, you tend to be always careful about them, abt what information you leak out to them.. but when they are supposedly your "friends", who regualarly visit you, your kids play often together, what is there to suspect anything abt them.!

If someone don't like me or jealous of me, they would rather be a big snob & not be in touch than back biting & tearing your image apart, whereas in front of you they would be this nicest thing.. If someone has to go through the ordeal that my friend went through ( which I know atleast another 2 peope went through), one could never have trust in others. I know my trust would be broken..

Being so far away from home, it's only friends that we have here to depend upon.. Pls wish well to everyone, you always wished well in return.. I pray & wish that everyone gets along well, & not have to deal with hatred and jealousy so close to home..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Simi Valley Saga

Over the wkd we were in Simi Valley visiting friends and it reminded me of the incident that happned about 5 yrs back. Rather last time I visited the same friends..

My son was 4 month old baby & we were in California with my in-laws. Yogi's friend had called us for dinner. After dinner, I saw that he was really tired, so I volunteered to drive. As we started to get out of the apt complex, it was really dark outside with no street light. We were trying to figure out how to catch the freeway. I hit 3 Stop signs and then atlast found a street which looked like the main road. When making left turn onto that road, I realized there was a car following us. Looking closely in the rearview mirror it was a police car. I told Yogi that there is a police car. Yogi asked me to change the lane & see if he was following. I changed & ofcourse police followed.. Now I started thinking where I break the law, coz I am usually very good with following the rules.

In this confusion, I missed out of getting on to freeway.. So I moved to left lane again to take a U-turn to come back. As soon as I took a U-turn there were 4 or 5 police cars sounding sirens; got around me..!!! I panicked, Yogi asked me to pull over to the side. As we sat in the car, we were not sure what was going on... Then they asked me to open the windows & then get down.. I was asked to moved backwards to the police car.!!! Now... I was really scared, coz if it's a traffic violation, all they do is come up to u.. not u going to their car.When I went there, they asked if I had any weapon. ( Lord.!! do I look like one who could carry.!!) Here is the conversation that continued -- "Is this your car mam?", "Yes, umm, my friend's" " Your friend?" "Yes. I am from St. louis & visiting friends here in LA. So my friend let us have her car for the week. " "Umm Ok. Where is your friend?" "She went for vacation to India". "Ok.. Well... " ..

At this point, I was feeling the cold air blow through each inch of my spine & I said, "officer, could you pls ask someone to close my car's window's coz my 4 month old baby is in there. " This was the point when that police looked at me & asked who all r there in the car. I said, my in-laws, hubby & my baby. He said, "Ok, I can do that. You stay here". As I shivered from the Valley's cold, that other officer standing by, asked if I wanted to sit inside the car coz it was heated. I said sure & got inside the police car..

Back in the car, Yogi was not sure what was going on ( as though I knew ).. And he was telling his parents that they r talking to me.. then he saw that they put me INSIDE the police car.!!! Not knowing what's going on, he told his parents, she is inside, you guys stay there coz the police was coming to get him now.. Police asked him the same questions & Yogi told the same answers ( ofcourse, it was my friend's & she had left it with me, coz she was vacationing in India).. LUCKILY for us, her husband was in town.. and Yogi called him up to confirm from him that it was HIS car to police.

Coming back to me sitting in the police car, the officer beside me asked "Do u know what's going on", "No idea" " well, the car you are driving is a stolen car" " WHAT!!!!! No way... It's my friends.. " " well, Maam we have a report of this stolen car"... That's when I remembered something that my friend had told me just when she was giving me keys... that her car was stolen & she got it back after 5 days.. I told the same to the officer & he had a puzzled look.

Meanwhile, the confusion cleared as the officer spoke to my friends husband. Sure enough, their car was stolen & they had got it back with no licence plate. BUt the problem arised when he put the single licence plate back on to the retrieved car, coz only one licence plate was there when the car was stolen and he never told this in the report.. So the licence plate remained in the police records as StOLEN.! Police asked him to go right away & update the police records next day. Then we asked the directions from them and left.BTW police had got suspicious coz I was driving too slow ( Ofcourse I was trying to find our way out of that complex.!!) so he must have checked the number plate.!!

Now when we think about it, we laugh, but it could have been serious if had not got hold of Yogi's friend. You should hear this from Yogi & me,... it's even more entertaining.. Hehehe.. Anyway, all is well that end's well. :o)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yogi, the Saint.. :ox

This ones for my hubby, Yogi... I keep writing about lot of stuff, but I have forgotten to write about the man who stumps me with his energy every day. Especially now when we have two lil kids to take care of.

Since I was preganant with my second one, we kinda transitioned my son to depend more upon Yogi. My son has been my baby always, wanting me to do all his stuff,. only rough-play & other boy stuff is all dad. It all started with Yogi taking over incharge of making our lil boy more independant.. From putting on his clothes to sleeping all by himself.( yey.. btw he achieved it in 2 nights.!!! which I couldn't do forever!!)

Now he runs around everywhere with him.. Literally., drops him to daycare, picks him up, takes him to taekwondo. comes back, gives him snacks, takes him for a bike/scooter/roller skates around the neighbourhood.. Comes back, does his tutions.. again plays with him for some time, then sits behind him for his dinner.. then after another round of milk, they both go upstairs to get ready for bed & then he reads him for 30 to 40 mins... Whew., Yes, all in SAME day.!! It's amazing how much energy he has, though he knocks himself out the min his lays his head down..

I am so proud of what he is doing. He true is becoming my inspiration to work harder & push self to do and achieve more.. The other night, I was telling him something that he was not doing RIGHT.!! ( ofcourse me, trying to be the perfect one. !!).. Then he goes, do you look at what all other RIGHT things I do.?? I really felt bad, coz I DO look at it, but forget to tell him about it.. When you see each other day in and out, we forget to say thank you & stop and appreciate the things that you have around you.. So this was my father's day gift for you Yogi...
I love you so much & I really truely appreciate and admire what you do. Loveya.. XOXOXO

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh Baby.!!!

Well well well... I promised myself not to keep away from writing for too long. But had other things going on in my life.!!! For one, I had my second baby... my cute lil girl. :o)..

She coming out was a big story in itself., found out she was breached when in 37th wk.. Doc suggested on trying to turn her.., we agreed & went in for something called "Version". In this an assistant keeps track of the baby with continuous ultrasound & doctor tries to turn the baby from outside.
After we checked in, the nurse punctured my vein to get IV in, I kept my smile on through the bruise that she made, but she went on and on about how she hates computers & computer people, (coz her computer over there wasn't working right.!!!) she asked what we do for living. We said we work in computer field.. heeheh.., should have seen her face.! well, should have seen my hubby's face., coz he was increasingly getting impatient abt doctor not coming & that nurses continous ranting. Atlast she went out to get him and didn't return for 20 mins.. Finally doc came, coz nurse never went to call him.!!!! Urgh,.. well.. then they poured some goop over my tummy & he literally tried to cramp baby's space & turn her around...

well, we had one adamant baby on hand.!! ( uh oh, in tummy) Even though he was able to turn her head, she wouldn't move her butt, & she would pop right back into to her previous positon. It was painful, with doc pushing & turning, but I asked him to go for the third try... And hahaha, my lil one got reallly wild this time & kicked him soooo hard, all of us could see my belly just dance up and down.. Doc kept saying how my kid has her own mind & do her own thing..
We came back with a C-section appt for 9th march 2009. It's so much diff than when I had my son, coz then we had no clue when he would come out. Now we had time to put everything in place.. got her & my sons room painted b4 that.. stashed on food supplies.

Had to fast the whole morning, to get to my appt at 5:00PM.. It was exciting to wait for the baby, so wasn't really tired... when it was time, the anesthologist came to explain what happens with anesthasia etc etc... suddenly she stops to ask, when my hubby had food to eat.. I look at him & his face is completely changed, sign of blood !! so how come he is already pale.. ( well, there is lot of history with him & that RED THING. will blog abt it some other time!!) we both asked if he was ok.. and he is like.. "uh ummm.. yeah.. yeah, had my lunch". Now I was scared that he will faint.! After a while I asked him if he would like to be outside.. he said he wanted to be with me .. ( well, he better be.!!!! )

After they wheeling me into OT, within few mins me into sitting position, I heard the nurse telling me that I will hear prick & then a prick to my back for anesthasia.. well, remember she said prick & THEN... Well, I heard prick & felt prick at the same time... ewwww..everyone screamed, "DON't MOVE"!! I was like, hello.. didn't expect that.!!! well, eventually I was on my way to becoming immobile for some time & then I heard the cry.. that little one wailing & howling.. & heard the time screamed by the nurse.. 5:36PM.!!

Got to hold her for a second & then back to stiching.. I was soo groggy with the medication.. back in the recovery room, lil brother, grandparents and american granny Lynn welcomed us.. We all were talking about how she looks, yadayadayada.. and then suddenly my lil son, her brother, stands up next to her and starts saying all the prayers that he knows.. "hanuman chalisa", "vakratunda mahakaya" and then "om namashivaya"... with folded hands... Prays that she gets good health and make her strong & wishes her while touching her gently.!!! It was just AMAZING.!!! none of us in our wildest dream had though he would do that at that moment. He just loves her soo much...
So ... now I have two lil darlings to write about.. :o).. Here they are..

Monday, February 23, 2009

Jai Ho Rahman.!!!!

Well, who is not proud about the fact that AR Rahman got 2 oscars home y'day night. Also an oscar for Pookutty and Gulzar. I usually don't sit through the whole oscars, but y'day sat only to see if our Indians would make us proud. Well.. They did and my God how good that felt... !! I want mention how humble both of them were when they accepted their statues. Rahman's body language clearly stated he was just not comfortable with whole world staring at him in awe.! It goes to show how down to earth person he is..

On stage he quoted "All my life, I had an option between love and hate. I chose love and here I am today....." I think that summarized what he wanted say., ofcourse there was another pearl, he said "I was this nervous only another time and it was my wedding day." Pretty funny and how shaky he must have been..

I think he got into his element when he had to sing.. that was the most comfortable moment for him. And today I watched him perfom at Oprah Winfrey show.. Even though over the years we have seen him deliver great music one after the other, he has got recognition internationally because of his involvment in the international project. I am sure there are still whole lot of offers coming his way soon.. I felt soooo proud to be born in the same country as him. My fav till date from him... (hmm... this is a tough one, but I want to choose one.!! ) , I think has to be Vande Mataram... Every time I hear it, I LOVE IT.!!!!
Here's to the Maestro.!!!!!!! Congratulations.!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Media coverage..!!!

Have you seen news lately. Mostly it covers the news abt Shahrukh Khan. As to how he is recovering from his shoulder surgery.. All started with what time he had surgery, who did the surgery, doctors interview, list of people who come to visit him, interviews of people who saw him, touched him.!!!!!! Gosh,..!!

I remember few years back when Amitabh was in hospital, all the news channel did only that coverage.... Details almost as the above and lot more.. Like what he was suffering from, how it affects, whom it affects, why it affects.!!!!!

Well, around a month back when our Prime Minister was in hospital for by-pass heart surgery, how many of you notice that news.. Coz there was a small link on the news page which "mentioned" it.!!

Hilarious or Ridiculous... You decide.!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nine words women use.!!!!!

I got this email recently, which listed some of the common words women use and their meanings. I thought, well, how bad could it be and started reading... But when I looked at the list., oh my goodness, it's hillarious.... And it almost means what women.. ( atleast what I think heheheehe).. think.!!!! It must have been written by a some woman, otherwise it can't be soo close to truth... Whatya all think girls???
So, guys, here is an insight of women's brain, am sure it will work to some extent. Remember the points, so it saves you some argument time... Nice gift for Valentine's day. ;o). Enjoy the read.!!

(1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.

(2) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.

(3) Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine.

(4) Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It!

(5) Loud Sigh: This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to # 3 for the meaning of nothing.)

(6) That's Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.

(7) Thanks: A woman is thanking you, do not question, or faint. Just say you're welcome. (I want to add in a clause here - This is true, unless she says 'Thanks a lot' - that is PURE sarcasm and she is not thanking you at all. DO NOT say 'you're welcome' . that will bring on a 'whatever').

(8) Whatever: Is a woman's way of saying F-- YOU!

(9) Don't worry about it, I got it: Another dangerous statement, meaning this is something that a woman has told a man to do several times, but is now doing it herself. This will later result in a man asking 'What's wrong?' For the woman's response refer to # 3.

Monday, February 9, 2009


There are ridiculous number of bailouts happening nowadays.. Left and right they are sanctioning bailouts.. But what does that mean to us commoners., close to half of our hard earned money goes as taxes, and these tax money is the one that's used for these bailouts,... Instead this money being used to improve the local schools, libraries (which surely could use some help..) it's being used for car-makers bailouts, bank bailouts... These got themselves into this position, so why should it even get any sympathy from the public. Also reports of these companies splurging on unnecessary things are driving me crazy.

First the car makers come in their private jets (fly in 4 diff jets!!! ) to Washington to ask for money. Then heard about the CEO who splurged thousands of money in renovating his office room, and today heard a news of all the banks, along with bailed out ones having a convention in 5 star hotel in Vegas.!!! Some of these are the sponsers over there. The bank side of story is that it didn't cost them much to be sponsorers.!! Duh.!!!!

Then follows a news story of how School districts are struggling to keep going, coz they do no have money to pay to the teachers.. And how libraries all over the country r closing coz they can't keep up with the operating cost. There is no-money invovled for the public to use the library, so the money should come from govt for them to survive.!!!!!
Is anyone seeing all this or is it just me getting frustrated with all this??

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A world of Wii

Whoever owns one of these knows what am talking about. My hubby dear wanted this game since it was released in 2007. Well, to be precise.... one day we were at the mall and they had set up Wii game in the centre. Anyone interested could go and try out the games. First thing my hubby wants, is to try .. ofcourse Tennis. The minute he tried it, he was soooo impressed and wanted that..

Then last summer lil fella tried the Mario racing game at Best buy. That was it, every time we would go in that store, he wanted to go and try other games. At friends house he got a taste of other fun games like cow racing.!! now both the boys wanted it.

So atlast after a yr it was introduced, 3 months ago we brought this little Wii home. Since it's arrival there is joy in those 2 pairs of eyes.. They want to try that every chance that they get. My lil champ liked the boxing and now none of us can beat him in that.. It's hillarious to watch him fight and most of the time he knocks out his opponent.. Mostly he used to fight with the computer generated.. one day hubby dear tried his hand. I saw my son put in so much energy , I slowly told hubby to go easy.. Next min he was knocked out.. one look at my hubby's face and I knew he didn't try to be easy, but my son had beaten him anyway.!!!! I was trying to contain my laughter, but my hubby was still in awe as to how this lil kid could defeat him.. But till date it's my son who wins the game & now hubby dear has given up and he lets him play agaist the comp generated opponents.. hehehehe..

Now he's on his way to top bowling.. Recently since he's been watching his dad play Tennis ( which btw dad's PRO now ) he wanted to try that one too. It's amazing how nowadays kids pick up so much so quickly..

I have always been against video games and those war games etc.. But Wii is kinda different. You could get into more of entertainment stuff, but we like the basic games that we have got now.. with all the sports packages.. It's introducing us and our lil champ to different kinda of games and it's rules,.... which otherwise I atleast wouldn't have cared to learn.

Still, game is a game.... But if you know your limits and not boggle down to get addicted, I think few of these could be real pleasure... It sure has become a crowd pleaser in my house now.. :o)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Kick-start resolution.!!

I am writing my blog after long gap.. Well, I was thinking that my new year resolution should have been that I keep up with my writing and keep my blog alive and kicking. (Nowadays am experiencing different kind of kicking.!! ) But I guess, it took half a month to dawn on me that I just thought about it, but no action was taken on that part.

So now, just to kick-start.... ( like the old bajaj scooter!! heheeh.. If you had one at home, you would have known what I am talking about.. First thing in the morning, you have to literlly pray to it that it starts. Then tilt it to one side, whichever side suitable for the driver so he doesn't fall off trying to do that.. Then try kicking.. Continue the process until it starts.! Now it seems hillarious, but when you are getting late for school bus and you are waiting patiently for your dad to start it and drop you... You know what am talking abt. :o). )

Well, I wanted to say that just to kick-start I wanted to write something.. Whatever came to my mind.. It's funny how I just kept writing this particular piece.. Anyways, am trying to keep up with my writing.. and hopefully you all forgive me for not writing so long and keep coming back to check on me.. Adios for now.!