Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A perfect day!

Early morning, I shuffle out of bed tired (because I was reading late and couldn't put that book down), eyes swollen. I HAVE to get out otherwise kiddos will miss the bus, lunch won't be packed, hair won't be made or their dresses won't match. Too many won'ts. On way to wash my lil ones hand in the bathroom I get a glimpse of my shuffled hair, swollen eyes and think, great that hair and eyes are soo dry. As I go through list of things my son needs to do before he gets out of the door, he suddenly comes over holds my face in his hands and says, "You look cute". I smile and try to walk away, but he pulls me closer and says, "No really, you look very cute". Ah my beautiful boy!

I look around the classroom and see highly motivated, super fit people around me. And here I am not talking about any body types. It's amazing to watch how they can push through. Halfway through Zumba I feel like I might drop dead. I take a break in between the songs, when NO ONE has taken a one, dab the sweat off and take small gulp of water and try to come back into the group. The happy, smiling and enjoying the music group. And I think, "what a beautiful bunch!"

Late evening, I am in my worst pair of pajamas (Coz there is a big pile of laundry waiting to be sorted). I am distracted since I need to finish that cheese pizza that I promised, but before that I HAVE to get the meatballs done, if I don't then the date on the meat will expire. So I race against the clock before my son and hubby gets back from his class. Lil one is busy telling about new dance that she came up with and which she showed everyone at school. I can't focus on what she's saying, she comes into kitchen and asks, "What are you making mommy?" I say cheese pizza. "Oh, I know how to make one. I learnt it in Madame's cooking class. Do you want me to tell?". (And this is my four year old). I say "Ok.". She rattles off the recipe just like that. I am awed by how much she remembered all the steps. She finishes with, "See it's easy, now come here I will show you the dance I showed Madame". I start to refuse, but then I sit down, to see her do kinda line dance. She pulls me up and holds my hand. I forget everything and DANCE.

At last I pull those meatballs out of the oven and put pizza. My lil one is almost ready to hit the sack after a long day and I cannot let her go to bed without dinner. I dread the first thing I hear out of my son and hubby that they are hungry and food isn't ready. Of course next minute they walk in loudly talking about something. I think they are fighting, but then I hear them laugh. They are reminiscing last evening outing at the swimming pool. Both stop and say, "Ummmm, that smells good". I don't look up as I continue to finish up my salad, hubby comes over, gives a peck and says, "I couldn't have asked for a perfect mom for my kids"!

Okay that's too much sugar for me to handle! I shed a happy tear in private. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Toddler! Not anymore

Well, week ago my baby turned 3! I can’t believe where all these years went. She’s just this hilarious little packet always cracking us up. But once gets adamant on something there is no turning back. She now clearly knows how to get her things done! At three!!! I am not sure if I knew so much when I was that young.

If she does any cute gesture that I or DH liked, she immediately picks up our adoring looks. So when in desperate situations she actually uses them against us. Like there is this thing she does when she’s out of words, she throws back her head and just laughs.. And when listening to something and not really interested, she rests her elbow on her thigh with face in her palms! Oh, with a little pout when she comes over that she’s bored, I melt like a chocolate outside on hot concrete!

There are times when we hear her ordering her brother with a very stern voice. She means business! But if we scold him, she comes over to check why we are doing it?

I can go on about her, but at the end I think she’s daddy’s girl.. Always hanging by his neck or leg. Wants him for every single thing. But she’s showing so much difference from last year. She always used to be very cautious in approaching anyone. Now she is cautious, but for the people she knows, she remembers them clearly even after meeting after long time. Her India trip has made her aware of her whole family that lives back in India. It’s nice to see her talking about her memories without prompting.

I had to prepare small write ups about her with pictures for her pre-school. They will then display that whole of her birthday month in their classroom door. Something special they do to celebrate kids’ life. I thought it will be nice to put it out on my blog so I can always have what I wrote for her at this age. I am adding more to it than what the actual write up consisted of. So here it goes,  

0-1 years
Her name means Inspiring! Had a big brown eyes and head full of black hair. First instant became her big brother's pet, afterall he was the one who prayed for her. He also named her, coz it matches with his name. She has all signs of being a globe trotter. Visited Chicago, California, Nevada, Arizona and India even before she turned a year old. This tri p was more for grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins than for her. She hardly remembered anyone during that time. Her curls came off during the visit, coz she had started to put hair in the mouth. Oh, how I miss those curls!
1-2 years
Talks up a storm, approaches anything, anyone with extreme caution. Her first complete hair shave this yr. She has a big personality, which is apparent even in this young age. She stands up for herself. Never bogs down to any pressure and has a mind of her own. Started Montessori this year. We always saw her being a Montessori child, very independent at the first go.
She discovered her new love for pool. It was amazing to see her enjoy all that water, where as she would scream for life in the bathtub. This globe trotter went to Boston, Niagara, and Cancun this year. Playing in the sand was their most favorite of all I think. She had sun tan showing the design of her swimming suit for few months after the trip. :o)
Her independence and leadership skills have emerged enormously. Loves to sing and dance. Performed in a dance skit at Diwali. She wasn’t in the dance originally. But during the last practice, she came over to me to tell that she would like to join the dance. We weren’t sure if she would actually do it during the function. When they announced the dance and other two kids names, but not her name, her face was small.. She came over and whispered, “they didn’t call my name, I am dancing.” I asked her to go for it. And man she danced, so well and perfectly following the direction. Everyone kept praising how well she performed. She also Keeps singing ALL the time! Guess we have a next American Idol in the making! Went to India in December and she got introduced to all her cousins and culture. This second trip was more memorable to her. She remembers everything in so much detail.

So am celebrating her today on my blog! Wishing you good health and happiness always. Please continue to amaze us darling. Happy Birthday!