Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh Baby.!!!

Well well well... I promised myself not to keep away from writing for too long. But had other things going on in my life.!!! For one, I had my second baby... my cute lil girl. :o)..

She coming out was a big story in itself., found out she was breached when in 37th wk.. Doc suggested on trying to turn her.., we agreed & went in for something called "Version". In this an assistant keeps track of the baby with continuous ultrasound & doctor tries to turn the baby from outside.
After we checked in, the nurse punctured my vein to get IV in, I kept my smile on through the bruise that she made, but she went on and on about how she hates computers & computer people, (coz her computer over there wasn't working right.!!!) she asked what we do for living. We said we work in computer field.. heeheh.., should have seen her face.! well, should have seen my hubby's face., coz he was increasingly getting impatient abt doctor not coming & that nurses continous ranting. Atlast she went out to get him and didn't return for 20 mins.. Finally doc came, coz nurse never went to call him.!!!! Urgh,.. well.. then they poured some goop over my tummy & he literally tried to cramp baby's space & turn her around...

well, we had one adamant baby on hand.!! ( uh oh, in tummy) Even though he was able to turn her head, she wouldn't move her butt, & she would pop right back into to her previous positon. It was painful, with doc pushing & turning, but I asked him to go for the third try... And hahaha, my lil one got reallly wild this time & kicked him soooo hard, all of us could see my belly just dance up and down.. Doc kept saying how my kid has her own mind & do her own thing..
We came back with a C-section appt for 9th march 2009. It's so much diff than when I had my son, coz then we had no clue when he would come out. Now we had time to put everything in place.. got her & my sons room painted b4 that.. stashed on food supplies.

Had to fast the whole morning, to get to my appt at 5:00PM.. It was exciting to wait for the baby, so wasn't really tired... when it was time, the anesthologist came to explain what happens with anesthasia etc etc... suddenly she stops to ask, when my hubby had food to eat.. I look at him & his face is completely changed, sign of blood !! so how come he is already pale.. ( well, there is lot of history with him & that RED THING. will blog abt it some other time!!) we both asked if he was ok.. and he is like.. "uh ummm.. yeah.. yeah, had my lunch". Now I was scared that he will faint.! After a while I asked him if he would like to be outside.. he said he wanted to be with me .. ( well, he better be.!!!! )

After they wheeling me into OT, within few mins me into sitting position, I heard the nurse telling me that I will hear prick & then a prick to my back for anesthasia.. well, remember she said prick & THEN... Well, I heard prick & felt prick at the same time... ewwww..everyone screamed, "DON't MOVE"!! I was like, hello.. didn't expect that.!!! well, eventually I was on my way to becoming immobile for some time & then I heard the cry.. that little one wailing & howling.. & heard the time screamed by the nurse.. 5:36PM.!!

Got to hold her for a second & then back to stiching.. I was soo groggy with the medication.. back in the recovery room, lil brother, grandparents and american granny Lynn welcomed us.. We all were talking about how she looks, yadayadayada.. and then suddenly my lil son, her brother, stands up next to her and starts saying all the prayers that he knows.. "hanuman chalisa", "vakratunda mahakaya" and then "om namashivaya"... with folded hands... Prays that she gets good health and make her strong & wishes her while touching her gently.!!! It was just AMAZING.!!! none of us in our wildest dream had though he would do that at that moment. He just loves her soo much...
So ... now I have two lil darlings to write about.. :o).. Here they are..