Monday, April 28, 2008

I had to talk Cricket :o)

I am not a big fan of cricket in recent times.. I used to watch a lot when I was school and I think I grew out of that craze soon.. But ofcourse got married to an avid follower of cricket, :o).. . So many a times I get to know what's going on without asking or looking for it. Then there are all the e-papers that I read to know abt India and mostly come back with cricket and bollywood stuff.. Anyways.., when I started reading abt IPL, I thought .. .interesting..... They wanted to bring in the corporates in this.. also I thought it;'s a great way for all the youngesters to get an oppurtunity to shine, and get their way in to The Indian team.... But the more I thought abt it, and watched one of the IPL matches, I thought,... well,.... IPL is actually gonna break the bonding that Indian team had.. Coz now everyone belongs to different IPL team, some of them are captains in their own team, so why should they listen to the captain of Indian team... They would look at becoming more Individual performers than team players..Then there was Bhajji and Sree row, there he slapped him, got fined today for the same.... It kinda gave the same message as my views abt IPL... Isn't anyone looking at what I am looking at.!! Or just want to make their money and keep quiet abt it..Just hoping that team INdia won't be a loser in front of IPL... Yes, I do care abt Indian team still.. i want to see them lift the world cup one more and few more times as a united team... :o).

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Walking for a cause

Well, yeah... walking is healthy. Walk to improve your health.. But that's not what I wanted to talk about here. Several years back when I would hear from walk-a-thons or marthons for a cause, I wasn't sure what to think of it. Most of it was the fact that if they raise money where will that go? And what do they do with them.
Then about 4 years back I got involved in walkathon, coz of personal reasons. First I was not sure if I should even go there. But then when I went there and talked to people, I realized, everyone is so genuinely into it.. try and raise money for the research, raise awareness in people. Now that I am into it, I sometime feel why no one responds abt the walk. It's just not any walk u know, it's close to my heart. !!!! Right.!! Do you even should care??....!!Honestly, I don't think I would have cared much to give a second look before, ... but yeah, if it was from any of my friends I would have given a second look and tried to understand what's going on.. and may be stopped at that.! .... I really donno, .. Wish I was on the other side of the fence or on the fence and not have to deal with being on this side of the fence.
Now,... it's harder to ignore anything going around me. I can't anymore... See if you could give a second look or second glance to something, that you usually would pass off... Just walk for a cause, walk for urself, walk, run, talk and pray...... so that you should never have to be on this side of the fence.!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Earth hour Earth Day.!!!

Recently few cities / countries held Earth Hour event. You switch off all your unused lights in the household or in the office for one hour. Time and date was designated. It was started last year, but I think it got media converage this year and I heard it for the first time this year too. The idea is to get everyone to put an effort to do it atleast on that day.!

When I heard it I was ammused that it was called Earth Hour. Well, in India we call it scheduled power-cuts (on top of unscheduled ones.. :o) ). To meet the demand of use of energy, many places in India follow this scheduled power-cuts.. That means you could finish all your energy wanting work and sit and enjoy the candle lit dinner with family. How romantic.!!! It works perfectly, coz you know at that particular day, at the time the power goes.. That is in perfect world right.!!! ;o). We would always feel that the clock at the power office is not working right, it would usually start earlier and then the "man" responsible for turning it on, went home forgetting all about it.!! Once he reached home, he had to realize and come back to turn it on.!! heheeh... Okay am making up stories here,. but that's what I would feel, whenver the power wouldn't come back on the scheduled time.

And then when growing up, there was no electricity in my native place. Visiting native place is fun alright.! But come night, it's PITCH dark.,!! with owls at the far, crickets making noise.. and the swishing of wind beneath the big trees... I might have said it's earth day.!! Earth in all it's beauty..

After I moved to US, only once I experienced the power outage. It felt crippled., never in my entire life back in India did I feel that,... all homes are equipped to face times like that amy be.. Here we take things for granted, we don't think abt it.. but it's a luxury to have electricity all the time..

So .. to make that luxury happen to everyone in the world and for our future generation, why not save some of the energy that we have in abundance... Make everyday an earth hour/ day. Switch off all the unused lights in the house, make energy effient choices.. . ( Would save some extra bucks too. ;o) ). Every single person can make a difference, ... heard one of Gandhi's quote recently, "Be the change that you want to see in the world.." ... Try it,... feel the accomplishment..

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This thing called Blogging...

Yes. I did create a blog. And I did post something right after that. But it's funny how I thought about it the whole day. About what I want to post next, well this could be my next topic, oh oh there is another topic, may I could write abt that one too, yeah that seems to be what I want to talk about...... and on and on....
I have to stop thinking too much about all this "thing" called Blogging. :o). But yeah, try and write more. It's exciting to be in this world of bloggers though.! Welcome to my new world.....

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How I got to name it Stumped...

Well, this is my first blog. So I thought I will write about how I got to name my blog. Y'day morning, I suddenly felt the urge to write my opinion about something (Oh... you will hear about this *Something* soon, trust me..). Didn't wanted to write to anyone.. they would have said,... so??? what's the point??... May be... Anyways, so thought all my friends have started blogging to pour their heart out, so why not I start writing so that when everyone has time, they can come and visit me and see what's going on in my head.. :o)

So,... when I visited this site, I had no clue what my blog should be named as,.. .I started to create my profile and when it came to blog name.. Well... hmmm... ehhh... nahhh.. ugghhh.. welll... So.., that was my chain of thoughts. I stopped the process of creating and thought will come back to it when I have made up my mind on name. (Just like naming your baby I thought.!!!)

Then, one of my friend had sent me a link to watch Randy Pausch's final lecture on Oprah.

After watching it, I had tears in my eyes... (Btw, I want you to watch it,... it's a long video of 11 minutes, but trust me, it's worth it. ) Very very touching lecture. I was stumped by this man's courage and life... Well... There it was "STUMPED", I thought that's it, ... that's what makes me feel whenever I see or hear some amazing things or weird ones or make you go "actually??" ones or the ones that make you feel... ahhh... that's how the world should be..

So here it is... Me, the stumped, starting my blog...
Peace everyone...