Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Her little conversations..

I have always heard and seen that most of the girls talk more than any boys would do. My 2 year is turning to be one.. It is very cute to hear her go on and on and on about something. When we go out for a walk, the whole of the stretch, she keeps talking about whole lot of things. About our trip, day at her school, food, teacher, something that she heard about.. Topics are endless. Funny thing is when I pick her up from her day care, as soon as I start the car, she tells me that she had a good day and then continues to say what she had for lunch and whether they went out for walk or not! All this, without me asking a single question. This is because, we have asked her all these questions before and now before we even ask, she gives out the answers. Of course then she puts her two yummy fingers in the mouth and sits watching outside.

 I didn’t know that she knows her route so well, until one day for the first time there was a long traffic jam on the road that turns to her school road. So thinking quickly I pulled into the strip mall on my right, which would open on the other side, avoiding all the traffic. My little one sat straight in her seat and asked, “Where are you taking me Mamma? We are not going to school?” And here I was thinking she wouldn’t even notice a short cut!!!

I started to write this post to actually write about her imaginary talk with her dad. Saturday nights are reserved for family night. So, kids get to sleep in our bedroom. We hadn’t told about this to the little one, coz we knew that if she would get to know about it, she would want to sleep everyday with us (which she does anyway, after midnight!) But once she found out that her brother sleeps on Saturday’s, she joined the ride too.

Last weekend they came over on Saturday, then on Sunday coz there was thunderstorm outside.. So come Monday night both kids started telling that they want to sleep with us that night too. After telling my son no, he understood and kept quiet. I took my little one upstairs to get her ready for bed. Before that I took her to our bathroom to cut her nails. Following me quietly, she said, “Mommy, are you letting me sleep in your room today? Please say yes?”. I smiled and said “No, it’s not Saturday right?” Then I got busy cutting her nails.

She pretended to pick up an imaginary phone and pretended to call her daddy (who was downstairs & had no idea what was going on upstairs). Here is the imaginary conversation she had….

“Hi, Daddy!”
“I am gooood. Ummm.”
“Daddyyyy, Is today Saturday?”
“Ok. But can I sleep in your room?”
“Please say yes. Yeahhh.. I know it’s not Saturday, but can I sleep in your room?”
(--- At this point I almost start to think she is REALLY talking to her dad and he's telling her No)
“Ummmmm, :( (with her sad face) okaaayyyyyy.”
“Bye, Daddy.”

Then she hangs up the imaginary phone and turns to astonished me, sitting with my mouth and eyes wide open, says “Daddy said, I can sleep in your room. *grin*” I shake myself out of this imaginary conversation, and say, “But I heard Daddy, and he said no.” (Well, I started to hear things now!! )
She stands up, shakes her hands and head and says “Oh, Maaaan!!!!” and stomps out. I start laughing my hearts out at this point! I just couldn’t imagine how she did that… One way conversation and also trying to get her things her way!.. She just cracks me up.

It’s funny to hear her imaginary conversations which she does all the time. But this one stood out the most for me. She is my darling!. Oh wait, I can’t say that in front of her. Coz whenever while cuddling her I say anything that starts with “ You are my…….. “, ex. “You are my doll!” She stops me by signing her hand in front of me. Then continues to say, “I am pappa’s doll, dada’s (her brother) doll aaand mommy’s doll. “ Geesh!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our lake adventure

This Labor Day weekend we planned a trip with our friends to Lake Of Ozark’s. I have never been there before even though we lived here for more than 8 years. So hubby thought it’s high time he takes me there. Guys started looking to book the hotels. Both of them were on the phone for almost 3 hours, only to find out that it was booked for wrong weekend! J Well, after trying for a week they were able to shift to the correct weekend.

I looked at the two routes that we were able to take and one was passing through Jefferson City. Capital of State of Missouri. So we decided to take that route and make a pit stop to see the capitol. By the time we reached Jefferson City it was almost noon, so wanted to look for the food joint first. But as soon as we took off the bridge we came right in front of the Capitol. I am asking my friend to look for directions and she was busy clicking pictures. :o) At last we found there were quite a few joints just a block away, parked and relished on the sandwiches. Walked over to Capitol, even though we couldn’t go inside, just enjoyed the building architecture from outside and left for Ozark’s.

Fun fact about Ozark: Lake of Ozark’s is not really a lake to begin with. It’s a large reservoir created by impounding the Osage River. The lake has a serpentine shape to it and is nicknamed “The Magic Dragon”. Aerial view picture from wikepedia -

Our hotel was right by the bridge, with a beautiful view of the lake. After a good nap, we let the men handle 4 kids and went on shopping trip at the outlet mall. It was a fun girl time for both of us. Kids had as much fun at the bumper carts and then diving in the pool, topped with the hot tub. After having dinner we all crashed out for next day’s parasailing adventure.

Highlight of the whole trip was my little dare devil!! My 2 year old baby girl decided she would do Para-sailing with us. I tried to talk her out of it, but she was adamant that she would come with us “Flying”! Son backed out and we thought it was good decision after we went up… Coz there was no way to signal us down if we wanted to.!!!

It was a beautiful view up above.. Sitting up there I was wishing I had a camera with Me to capture that view.! As soon as we went up though, my daughter (who was tied so that she could be in front of me) started calling me softly, saying.. “Mommy can we go down now?” I told her we will be done soon and started showing her boats, bikes, houses, trees, and even birds. I had started to get worried that she might be feeling the same queasiness that I was feeling in me. We just had breakfast and had come over there! But she held on. She did not cry, her face showed she was little scared initially. Then I asked her to close her eyes whenever she felt scared. So I watched her close her eyes in between and then open it to see outside.

They made us take two dips in the water. We had asked to just soak our feet.. That was the fun part! The bad experience of parasailing was their photo package. We told them at the beginning that we didn’t want to take the camera, so we would be buying their package. When we came back home and checked, it was very bad.. Pictures were blurry, not in focus, too far out. So be careful when you would buy any pictures. View first before you pay for it!

Next day we rented boat and took it for a spin on the lake. Though all the kids took turn to sit with us to actually ride the boats, two kids couldn’t handle the ride, we came back half an hour early. The ride itself was fun. Hubbies kept trying to ride it faster and kids would scream at them to give the control to mommies. Eventually kids voted that I should take the control, coz I was the safest. ;o)

Disappointment: After getting instructions from local restaurant and driving 15 miles on inside roads, ended up at Osage State Park rather than Osage beach. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the beautiful evening by the lake. Kids got to do their daring acrobats on monkey bars!

Honorary mention: Hubbies who kept losing their way ALL THE TIME. :o) We had to take two vans since none of us had an eight setter. We girls and hubbies drove separately, exchanging the vans depending upon who is driving. Hubbies kept losing their way even when they were following us! If we were with kids, kids would always ask, "where is Pappa going?" Classic one – While coming back one night, we stopped near our hotel to make a left turn. They were right in front of us; suddenly they get into the previous parking lot rather than the correct one! We both were laughing so hard after that.

Overall, it was a great outing with perfect weather and company!