Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mysterious Mind..

Last week I was watching Amazing powers of people on Discovery.. Discovery always opens new doors, food for thought.. and this one was a WOW for me.. They were showing some 7 odd people, with super powers (literally).. One man among them was the most fascinating for me. His name is Esref Armagan.. He is a painter. They showed his paintings, you can see few of them here ( What is so amazing about this painter you ask?? Well, he has never seen this beautiful colorful world through his eyes. He is blind. He has taught himself to draw pictures, (Read his unique bio at ).

The painting that he drew when on camera was the most amazing one... It had blue ocean with white waves and rocks at the beach... with ofcourse two white boats in distant.. That brought that documentary to an interesting point.. That this blind man, had PERSPECTIVE of things... He could draw a cube for example, like a cube and not just one side of the cube(a square).. It would exactly match the way anyone of us would write a cube , well may be if we could write it in correct perspective.!

One of the scientist did an MRI on him when he was drawing.. There is a portion of brain that gets excited when you look at something exciting, colorful & bright.. That particular portion is usually un-responsive in blind people.. But in Esref's case, to all the scientists disbelief, this part of the brain really really active when he started painting.!!! Just unbelievable.. I was just wowed with this man's capabilities..

Friday, August 1, 2008

Should it be Personal decision or lawmakers?

Today something caught my attention while reading. It just said Nikita's abortion plea. Went on to read that Nikita and her husband found out that their unborn child has a congenital heart block & will not have a normal life. It must have been such a heartbreaking news for them to realize this. And to have made a big decision of not continuing with the pregnency. But wait..!! there is a legal twist here. The foetus is already 24wks, and our laws allow termination until 20 wks. Mehta's are already made a concious decision & trying their best to convince judge to rule in favour of them. When there are so many illegal abortions are going on, many of them for the reason that they are carrying a girl foetus,... this couple have something else to worry about. If this child comes into this world and have to suffer all it's life,..........

Isn't it time, our law makers consider all aspects and decide quickly.... actually, to let the parents to take the decision & not the ones who are not in this heartbreaking position..