Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today I at last deleted my orkut account which I wasn't using at all for many months, probably years! Just before I did, I downloaded the testimonials written by my family and friends. Now how do I save it! Well, thought blog would be a nice place to save the content.. I know blog is for me to write, but here I am posting what others wrote..... but it's about me!. :o) Enjoy the read.. Statutory warning - It's little hyped coz my friends and family loves me too much ;o)

2/12/08 Yogi --> This ones from my hubby

Hmmm. Sumee was love at first sight :) The more I started to know her the more I was in awe of her. Without doubt she is exceptionally brilliant and talented girl. I know her parents and family members are proud of her achievements and the way she conducts herself. She is the "TOM BOY" of their house among the four girls :). Integrity and no non-sense are sumee’s trademark attitude whether it is in-laws, friends or anybody. Outside the hard outer shell of sumee there is a softer inside which is rarely noticeable. I am glad Ayush is more like her than me :))

I owe my success to her support and belief in me all through these years. Like any other couples we have difference of opinion too, but you know in my heart I have high respect for you for what you are.
I am lucky to have her in this lifetime and hopefully 7 others ;) to follow. I wish you all my good luck to you and Ayush :)

-yogi bear

2/12/08 Vandan --> That ones from my little sister

Chummee!!!I could write pages abt her ..Sumee is my Sister ...Protective like a brother ..Kind as mother … most of all always there like a friend .If yu are one of her many friends then yu know what am talking about.. i know it sounds cliche..but its the truth..she is the most understanding and caring person I have known ..She knows her prorities in life and doesnt care a damn abt what others think abt it.Brilliant in academics..very Creative ..guess its all in the family :)

She is one person with whom I can share everything at absolutely anytime ..distance never mattered... Have teased and troubled her enough to deserve good yelling from her.miss those stupid fights of ours where at the end of it all neither of us remember what the fight was for..hehehe.

Now she is far and .she has made a cosy lil place for family.Ayush and yogi are lucky to have her in their life

I thank God for having given me such a lovely sister.Love yu darling .Wish you good fortune and happiness ALWAYS :)

2/24/07 Lakshmi --> That's my childhood friend

Tall, beautiful and intelligent :-) yes these 3 words definitely suits her.

Our friendship is as old as we both are :)) I still remember the days we spent to gether in kinder garden ! Though we are separated geographically, we have been successful in keeping our friendship in the same intencity.
Sumee you are simply GREAT !

3/12/07 --> That's Viddi, my friend and a total nut case and a darling. Check her blog out here .. :o)

The last testi was written at gun point…now she has run out of am going to enlighten you all with the truth….did I say bubbly naaaa you can easily break the bubble …did I say brainy…KILL ME!!!!…wonder how she topped the class :P…beautifull…come on!does anyone deem the pictures she has put up in her album which is being modified to look good…..sumeeee…LOAD YOUR GUN.

2/23/07 Sachin --> That's my cousin bro

Sumeeee taiii ...thats what i call her ..Well what do i leave that this fits in 1024 chars..Anyways start with, here's My Sis , my guide , my mentor ...i would say my best GirlFriend ;)...She's been an elder sister to the core..Always there for me whenever i look up for advice , very happy for me whenever i achieve something..At the same time a consoling friend when things dont really go my way.. She,being the first Engineer in our family, have always looked up to her as an inspirational figure .On a lighter note , always ready to pull my leg, epecially with my female friends. Thodi durr chali gayi hai ,geographically , but i know she'll be there for me anytime , wherever we are ..Sumee tai , its been my excellent fortune to have u as my elder sister ...Thanks for being there , anytime and everytime i need u .

2/16/07 --> This was Viddi's first message :o)

Sumeeeee....there that call itself indicates that she is dear to short sumee is beautiful, bubbly,brainy....i better call you 3B from now on...I think there is nothing that is "not important " in her everyone around her feel very special ...she makes sure everything is in sure her partner is lucky to get a gal like her ;)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Social networking

I had blogged a while back about social networking sites. I thought I should do a revisit. :) I have been on facebook for a while now and I kinda like being in touch with everyone. Also not having to upload pictures and email. Now all I do is upload pics to my profile and share only with my friends and voila everyone gets to see. All my family members are on there now, so it's much easier.

When I was in Boston last month I was staying at my friend Raghu's home. He is not on facebook. With such a big trend of people joining in recent years I asked him why he was not. He told me something interesting that made me think back on my thoughts about social networking sites. He said, when he meets his friends after a long gap, he would like to know about them in person. Like did they get married, how many children. what else new etc.. My side of argument was that since I don't get to see many of them, I would love to know what's going on in their lives and be in touch. He likes the surprise factor of knowing / seeing all the missed out factors.

After a week of this conversation with him, I met my friends pal whom I hadn't seen almost a yr. But she is my facebook friend, so I knew she recently had a baby. I usually scrap her how cute her kid is and leave comments on her pics. That day when we came face to face, I started searching for things to talk about. Coz I think I had exhausted our conversation topics online, so in person I couldn't quickly come up with stuff. For the first time I was little puzzled myself of not being able to to keep up the conversation. I then remembered what Raghu had told me. Funny, I thought.. Coz I felt I shouldn't have known all about her, then I would have had a more pleasant conversation with her.. And was not in that awkward situation.

I do miss my days of calling up friends and chatting for hours. Having status updates keeps my friends posted on what's going on in my life (But pls, I don't update ALL the things I did in a day anyway!!!!!! ), but does that make me vulnerable too? Not sure. I am searching for definite answers, but meanwhile I do keep networking!! That makes me think, is the world getting smaller or is the world getting just smarter online community and there is no human interaction/ personal touch in that conversation.???

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today while driving to work, I heard something on radio that made me think back to how I met my hubby. They were talking about stories of couples who were destined to meet & get married. One of the story was this guy went to his wife's parents house and noticed a picture of her and her dad at the Disney world. He joked that the guy behind him looked just like his own father. Turns out, it WAS his father with him in a stroller.!!! It's not even that they lived around Orlando. He was visiting Disney from Canada.!!

And another one was this girl got married to a guy who lived in an apartmet above hers in california. Turns out they had lived most of their life in mid-east. Went to same region schools, same region colleges, her ex-boyfriend was friends with his ex-girlfriend, but never met untill they moved to LA. Like they always meant to meet.. Another couple found out that their parents were collegues before they had moved to different locations.

Well, my story isn't this freaky co-incidental. ;o).. Ours was arranged marriage. One of our relatives had given my horoscope to Yogi's family. They checked with priest and it did not match. So the idea was dropped and two families continues their search in different directions. After several failed matches, my MIL decided to look once more at mine almost after a year of first matching. But this time, they sent his horoscope to my dad to get it matched. But the fax that they sent wasn't clear, so my dad took Yogi's birth details and went to our priest. He said it would match perfectly for marriage.

Now the confusion was, why didn't it match in the first place and why it did now. Later they realized that all along his birth timing was read wrong on the horoscope since it was a pretty old copy and the timing was not clear. Since my father took the actual time and matched against it, it worked. And who knows if it was clear then he would have got matched with someone else & got married by then. :o)

Later, both families decided to "Ask" in our ancient Lord Ganesh temple in Idagungi. This is a request to God that both the parties put. They "ask" the God whether we can get married or not. My dad representing our family and an uncle of Yogi representing their family went to temple. The priest prays to God and puts one kind of flower petal on God's both feet. If the right one falls first it means a "Yes" else "No". I heard that people sometime wait for days for the "Answer" from God. Well, in our case it was a matter of minutes it seems.. So I guess we were destined to be together. :o).
Look around you might find a story of your own...!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kashmir da Saga....

Well, To begin with I didn't go to Kashmir. But my elder sister did. Her family along with 6 other families went for Kashmir trip last month. I was on phone the other day with her asking about her trip (well, for more than an hour) and the way she was explaining the place..... ahhhh, it was like I was always there, right there with her.

In her words....
Kashmir is like heaven on earth. Never seen such beautiful place, beautiful roses, clothes, ice-laden mountains, people. They are just so fresh and closer to nature than anyone. Main centers are always watched over by the army men. Wherever you go you see them. People go extra mile to make the tourists comfortable. They even say "you guys are the ones who feed our family. Please don't forget us and keep coming back to see us."

Kashmir is not that developed, mostly because of lack of interest from government. If they would wish, they can create this immensely popular tourist destination on the face of the earth. Only the 3 or 4 summer months are Kashmir's popular tourist season. Only at that time they have a chance to earn, so you see all these people begging, fighting to get your business. Be it a horse ride, ride on the house boat or just buying a pashmina shawl.

Pashmina Shawls are made from the wool around a pashmina goat. Those are the softest wool found. The craftmenship of these stoles and shawls is immaculate. There is no comparison to those beautiful designs. There was a pashmina shawl in a musuem which had the whole Kashmir valley designed on it. What's the specialty in that you ask? well, this was done way long back, when there was no map.

The young generation wants to do something, achieve something and show India that they are also part of them and not to forget. They aspire to become lawyers, doctors. This beautiful lady would tell her that all she wanted to do was get done with her masters and try to find a good job in Delhi. The bell boy at the hotel, would not accept any tips. He was working there part time during his break from college, so his younger brother could afford college. Father and son duo at the Hotel Shawl Shop would offer answers to thousands of questions and no pressure on buying. The son was studying during his morning hours to become a lawyer and evening would come and look after this store.

Valley was just so beautiful that it would take your breath away. Literally when you would come acorss those huge pine trees, or crossing the bridges or looking down to see the deepest valley right beside your foot... :o). Oh, the quietest and peaceful place in the world ---- Shankaracharya's mediation place atop Shankaracharya hill, which sits more than 1000ft above Srinagar. When you are there, it's like there is no tomorrow, there is no yesterday, there is no pain or sorrow... Just T.H.A.T moment... peaceful...

Hmmmm., it's me again, back to reality. After I heard my sister, I want to go visit these places... and enjoy them in real, just like I did when she narrated me.. Oh, forgot to mention, she is a teacher and sure is the best in that. :o). Love ya Vittai..