Sunday, July 27, 2008

Where is the Normalcy?

Well, hadn't written in my blog for long long time... so it felt, it's been a month... It's been crazy trying to handle lot of things at one time., Just normal stuff, handling kid, managing work, trying to find another job, prepping everyday for something or the other, cooking, and general managing house things... Just as I was getting more and more busy, I kinda stayed away from trying to write.. Just felt like too many things going on..

Well, last two days had been worse, thinking about all the people back home in India facing all these blasts & more threatens coming along way.. It's like there is no safer place on the face of earth.! I started to think how can anyone be soo merciless.. There are soo many things in the world to worry about, why not think about that,.... and not think abt un-necessary politics, religions, borders, regions.... There are thousands of people losing lives in war, in bomb blasts, in petty quarrels. If they all stop and think, and try to use their energy in a better way, it would be soo much better. There are so many people without proper food or shelter, education.. If everyone does their part to help these needy in soem way or the other, and let thy neighbours live in peace the world will be so much better place to live.. Everyone could handle just a normal, crazy day... Not an event throwing everything out of rhythm. Just hoping and praying for everyone in need, let there be peace & little happy song in heart.!


Miss Stymie said...

Sharing the same thoughts as yours,i blogged about it too

Kelidoscope of thoughts said...

Thats true but you know what I feel the best way to react to these kind of peopel is to go about doing what you were doing before and show them that we can still go on with life.It was a friday in bangalore, a day when most people go out and party. I bet if not that day the coming friday people are going to have a good time. So all the planning and hatching for terror is only in the minds of such Pshyco people only.