Monday, October 19, 2009

A Stunt!!

Last Thursday someone in my office sent an email around saying that there was a 6 yr old stuck in a homemade weather balloon. Went to CNN to watch their live video. It said that this family was building a balloon shaped like a flying saucer, for whatever reasons.! And on Thursday morning the balloon it became untethered from their backyard. The older sibling said that he saw his little brother climb in. So thus began the frantic search for the balloon. As soon as the authorities tracked the balloon, which was now flying high at about 7,000 ft., they raced behind it on ground and by air. The media helicopters started helping with tracking it. Flights were diverted coz it was near the Denver airport.

So, I sat there at work & started watching the live video and started to think about that little boy who could still be on board. My heart was breaking just to think about how scared that boy could be, that is if he is still alive. He is as old as my son, so I could imagine how hard it must have been for his parents to sit and watch this. I said a silent prayer for well being of that boy, was hoping that he had never got on board or must have fallen off in few minutes.

After almost 2 hours on flight, that balloon started to descend. When it touched the ground (we all were sitting and watching this at work btw.!!! ) there seems to be no one inside.. Sure enough after they checked inside, no one was there. Again began the frantic search of where is that little boy.

When I got home, went online again to see what happened. Turns out the boy was hiding in the attic all the time and didn’t come out when called coz he was scared. Next day they were there on all the channels and as one media personnel asked the boy, “so why didn’t you answer or come out when everyone called you?”. Boy turned to father and said, “You had said that we did this for a show”.. Wohooo.. what did that boy just say? !!!! I was so mad, and I am sure thousands of others are mad at being taken for granted. When there were thousands of people searching and wasting the tax payer’s money, all they did was for a show.! Shame on them if they really tried this and shame on them for using that little boy to do such a stunt.

Now the parents are denying that this boy could have said anything coz he is so confused with all the cameras around. But I personally think kids say darnest things, but they mostly say truth!. If the parents are at guilt, I do wish they will be brought to justice. Still, at the back of my head, I am glad that, that little boy is eventually O.k..
If you are interested in following the story.. Here is the link,

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