Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today while driving to work, I heard something on radio that made me think back to how I met my hubby. They were talking about stories of couples who were destined to meet & get married. One of the story was this guy went to his wife's parents house and noticed a picture of her and her dad at the Disney world. He joked that the guy behind him looked just like his own father. Turns out, it WAS his father with him in a stroller.!!! It's not even that they lived around Orlando. He was visiting Disney from Canada.!!

And another one was this girl got married to a guy who lived in an apartmet above hers in california. Turns out they had lived most of their life in mid-east. Went to same region schools, same region colleges, her ex-boyfriend was friends with his ex-girlfriend, but never met untill they moved to LA. Like they always meant to meet.. Another couple found out that their parents were collegues before they had moved to different locations.

Well, my story isn't this freaky co-incidental. ;o).. Ours was arranged marriage. One of our relatives had given my horoscope to Yogi's family. They checked with priest and it did not match. So the idea was dropped and two families continues their search in different directions. After several failed matches, my MIL decided to look once more at mine almost after a year of first matching. But this time, they sent his horoscope to my dad to get it matched. But the fax that they sent wasn't clear, so my dad took Yogi's birth details and went to our priest. He said it would match perfectly for marriage.

Now the confusion was, why didn't it match in the first place and why it did now. Later they realized that all along his birth timing was read wrong on the horoscope since it was a pretty old copy and the timing was not clear. Since my father took the actual time and matched against it, it worked. And who knows if it was clear then he would have got matched with someone else & got married by then. :o)

Later, both families decided to "Ask" in our ancient Lord Ganesh temple in Idagungi. This is a request to God that both the parties put. They "ask" the God whether we can get married or not. My dad representing our family and an uncle of Yogi representing their family went to temple. The priest prays to God and puts one kind of flower petal on God's both feet. If the right one falls first it means a "Yes" else "No". I heard that people sometime wait for days for the "Answer" from God. Well, in our case it was a matter of minutes it seems.. So I guess we were destined to be together. :o).
Look around you might find a story of your own...!!!!


yogi said...

Although I am practical in many ways I do believe that some things are destined esp in our case.
That we have experienced this in many ways and time it makes me to continue to believe "God has a plan" what, why and when is "unknown"

Thanu said...

Lovely little story you shared Sumee... I totally beleive in destiny and some things happen coz they are just meant to happen.

Stumped said...

@Yogi - True, it's always been like that for us. We try to change things and end up with what was destined to happen and for the best I hope.
@Thanu - Thanks.. :-).