Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today I at last deleted my orkut account which I wasn't using at all for many months, probably years! Just before I did, I downloaded the testimonials written by my family and friends. Now how do I save it! Well, thought blog would be a nice place to save the content.. I know blog is for me to write, but here I am posting what others wrote..... but it's about me!. :o) Enjoy the read.. Statutory warning - It's little hyped coz my friends and family loves me too much ;o)

2/12/08 Yogi --> This ones from my hubby

Hmmm. Sumee was love at first sight :) The more I started to know her the more I was in awe of her. Without doubt she is exceptionally brilliant and talented girl. I know her parents and family members are proud of her achievements and the way she conducts herself. She is the "TOM BOY" of their house among the four girls :). Integrity and no non-sense are sumee’s trademark attitude whether it is in-laws, friends or anybody. Outside the hard outer shell of sumee there is a softer inside which is rarely noticeable. I am glad Ayush is more like her than me :))

I owe my success to her support and belief in me all through these years. Like any other couples we have difference of opinion too, but you know in my heart I have high respect for you for what you are.
I am lucky to have her in this lifetime and hopefully 7 others ;) to follow. I wish you all my good luck to you and Ayush :)

-yogi bear

2/12/08 Vandan --> That ones from my little sister

Chummee!!!I could write pages abt her ..Sumee is my Sister ...Protective like a brother ..Kind as mother … most of all always there like a friend .If yu are one of her many friends then yu know what am talking about.. i know it sounds cliche..but its the truth..she is the most understanding and caring person I have known ..She knows her prorities in life and doesnt care a damn abt what others think abt it.Brilliant in academics..very Creative ..guess its all in the family :)

She is one person with whom I can share everything at absolutely anytime ..distance never mattered... Have teased and troubled her enough to deserve good yelling from her.miss those stupid fights of ours where at the end of it all neither of us remember what the fight was for..hehehe.

Now she is far and .she has made a cosy lil place for family.Ayush and yogi are lucky to have her in their life

I thank God for having given me such a lovely sister.Love yu darling .Wish you good fortune and happiness ALWAYS :)

2/24/07 Lakshmi --> That's my childhood friend

Tall, beautiful and intelligent :-) yes these 3 words definitely suits her.

Our friendship is as old as we both are :)) I still remember the days we spent to gether in kinder garden ! Though we are separated geographically, we have been successful in keeping our friendship in the same intencity.
Sumee you are simply GREAT !

3/12/07 --> That's Viddi, my friend and a total nut case and a darling. Check her blog out here .. :o)

The last testi was written at gun point…now she has run out of am going to enlighten you all with the truth….did I say bubbly naaaa you can easily break the bubble …did I say brainy…KILL ME!!!!…wonder how she topped the class :P…beautifull…come on!does anyone deem the pictures she has put up in her album which is being modified to look good…..sumeeee…LOAD YOUR GUN.

2/23/07 Sachin --> That's my cousin bro

Sumeeee taiii ...thats what i call her ..Well what do i leave that this fits in 1024 chars..Anyways start with, here's My Sis , my guide , my mentor ...i would say my best GirlFriend ;)...She's been an elder sister to the core..Always there for me whenever i look up for advice , very happy for me whenever i achieve something..At the same time a consoling friend when things dont really go my way.. She,being the first Engineer in our family, have always looked up to her as an inspirational figure .On a lighter note , always ready to pull my leg, epecially with my female friends. Thodi durr chali gayi hai ,geographically , but i know she'll be there for me anytime , wherever we are ..Sumee tai , its been my excellent fortune to have u as my elder sister ...Thanks for being there , anytime and everytime i need u .

2/16/07 --> This was Viddi's first message :o)

Sumeeeee....there that call itself indicates that she is dear to short sumee is beautiful, bubbly,brainy....i better call you 3B from now on...I think there is nothing that is "not important " in her everyone around her feel very special ...she makes sure everything is in sure her partner is lucky to get a gal like her ;)


Ajith Edassery said...

Your friend doesn't seem to have read your post on testimonials :) Of late, she has been into too many adventures that 24 hrs a day is hardly sufficient for her lol.

Btw,good decision to delete Orkut a/c. Though, I am yet to delete mine, Orkut will slowly die for sure.

Stumped said...

Yeah. I heard she is trying to grow hair longer ;-) and busy with tons of activities. I wasn't active on my blog either for some time. Trying to get back to it.
Yes, no more Orkutting. only reading facebook. :o)