Tuesday, March 8, 2011

100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day

Today is Women’s Day. Why does one celebrate Women’s Day? One day? They should be celebrated every day. ;o). But, on the serious note, I do get it. Why it’s needed and what’s the significance. Did you know that women perform two-thirds of the world’s work and produce half the world’s food, but earn just 10% of the income and own 1% of the property?

Just y’day I read in times of India about a woman, who is a social worker now, was buried alive when she was mere 16 days old by her father. Lucky for her, her grandfather rescued her and educated her. We hear so many cases like this day in and out. There is so much female fetus killing all over the world that it’s just unbelievable. I wish all the parents can be educated to open their eyes to this new era. Where women hold the highest posts and do impossible tasks, that there is no difference between man and woman. Many want boys so they carry the family name forward. Why can’t they see that if they get into bad things they will be spoiling the family name too? 

Today, I want to celebrate the women I grew up with. My mom was one of 6 girls and I am one of 4 girls. Our father’s played a great role in our lives and so as our mothers. My mom would talk about how my grandfather was struggling to meet ends and still wanted everyone to study and earn degrees. They lived in a remote village which didn’t had school or college. My mom was the only one to go beyond school and finish her degree in Arts. She got married 2 weeks before the finals, but gave her exam to earn her degree. My grandma as I knew her always had been very caring and no demanding kind of woman. Whenever we would go visit them, she would make this yummy food. She would keep fruits in attic especially for all her grand kids. I don’t remember much of my grandpa, but I have heard mom always say that he was a kind man.

Growing up when I would hear someone talk about how we are all girls and how difficult it would be for my parents with no boys, I would really get mad. But my parents never looked at us any different. They made sure we are well educated and well groomed. Always encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. Now that we are all married off, we still share close bond with our parents. My parents have told us numerous times that if they had boys, there might not have been such a close relationship between us siblings.

My mom was a home maker. It is the toughest job in the world I think. I have tried, but I think it’s way too difficult. She would get up early to make breakfast, lunch boxes for us. Once we all leave, she would clean and prepare stuff for snacks. Our home used to be revolving door to many visitors too. So she had to always keep cooking for them. And then when one of us would be sick or something, she and dad would sit by us at nights. Even now, she has helped each one of us through our pregnancies. She just took over and all I had to do was just feed the baby.

Then, there are my sisters. My eldest sister Vittai is our confider, our mentor, beautician (She even did a course, but before that she would try stuff on us. ;o). She still reminds me how I would hate trying something different on my hair and once she is finished, I would like it and would NOT change till she would force me to. Yeah, I am painfully stubborn. LOL ), teacher (always ready to help us with our homework’s!), great singer, sister and above all a great mother (not only to her kids but us too). She is a teacher now. She found her way to that field, but I always knew she would make a great teacher.

My second sister, Sandhya has a heart of a child. Many times she is in her own world we would think, but she has always been there for us. She is very caring and I just admire how she has built her lovely family. We both have been more of friends than sisters (well, twin you could say, coz there were many people who couldn’t tell us apart!) I love her grace and simplicity. I wish I could be so simple and down to earth. ;o). What can I say about my little sister! She has been the baby of our home; we still treat her like one. Love her chirpiness, charisma, spontaneous-ness and care-free attitude. I always tried to boss her around, but she would always get away. She is the only MBA of our house and I am so proud of her.

Oh, how I miss seeing them all. But the distance between us has only made our hearts grow fonder for each other. They are just a call away and everything seems right when I am talking with them. Times when we get together pass on so quickly that I wish I could pause them and enjoy to the fullest.
Happy Women’s day to all of you and remember if there is no woman, there won’t be any man! Cheers to all those beautiful souls out there!

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How do you mange it each time? Such clear flow of words and feelings. Really touching, and thanks for mentioning me :) - Vandana