Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Her little conversations..

I have always heard and seen that most of the girls talk more than any boys would do. My 2 year is turning to be one.. It is very cute to hear her go on and on and on about something. When we go out for a walk, the whole of the stretch, she keeps talking about whole lot of things. About our trip, day at her school, food, teacher, something that she heard about.. Topics are endless. Funny thing is when I pick her up from her day care, as soon as I start the car, she tells me that she had a good day and then continues to say what she had for lunch and whether they went out for walk or not! All this, without me asking a single question. This is because, we have asked her all these questions before and now before we even ask, she gives out the answers. Of course then she puts her two yummy fingers in the mouth and sits watching outside.

 I didn’t know that she knows her route so well, until one day for the first time there was a long traffic jam on the road that turns to her school road. So thinking quickly I pulled into the strip mall on my right, which would open on the other side, avoiding all the traffic. My little one sat straight in her seat and asked, “Where are you taking me Mamma? We are not going to school?” And here I was thinking she wouldn’t even notice a short cut!!!

I started to write this post to actually write about her imaginary talk with her dad. Saturday nights are reserved for family night. So, kids get to sleep in our bedroom. We hadn’t told about this to the little one, coz we knew that if she would get to know about it, she would want to sleep everyday with us (which she does anyway, after midnight!) But once she found out that her brother sleeps on Saturday’s, she joined the ride too.

Last weekend they came over on Saturday, then on Sunday coz there was thunderstorm outside.. So come Monday night both kids started telling that they want to sleep with us that night too. After telling my son no, he understood and kept quiet. I took my little one upstairs to get her ready for bed. Before that I took her to our bathroom to cut her nails. Following me quietly, she said, “Mommy, are you letting me sleep in your room today? Please say yes?”. I smiled and said “No, it’s not Saturday right?” Then I got busy cutting her nails.

She pretended to pick up an imaginary phone and pretended to call her daddy (who was downstairs & had no idea what was going on upstairs). Here is the imaginary conversation she had….

“Hi, Daddy!”
“I am gooood. Ummm.”
“Daddyyyy, Is today Saturday?”
“Ok. But can I sleep in your room?”
“Please say yes. Yeahhh.. I know it’s not Saturday, but can I sleep in your room?”
(--- At this point I almost start to think she is REALLY talking to her dad and he's telling her No)
“Ummmmm, :( (with her sad face) okaaayyyyyy.”
“Bye, Daddy.”

Then she hangs up the imaginary phone and turns to astonished me, sitting with my mouth and eyes wide open, says “Daddy said, I can sleep in your room. *grin*” I shake myself out of this imaginary conversation, and say, “But I heard Daddy, and he said no.” (Well, I started to hear things now!! )
She stands up, shakes her hands and head and says “Oh, Maaaan!!!!” and stomps out. I start laughing my hearts out at this point! I just couldn’t imagine how she did that… One way conversation and also trying to get her things her way!.. She just cracks me up.

It’s funny to hear her imaginary conversations which she does all the time. But this one stood out the most for me. She is my darling!. Oh wait, I can’t say that in front of her. Coz whenever while cuddling her I say anything that starts with “ You are my…….. “, ex. “You are my doll!” She stops me by signing her hand in front of me. Then continues to say, “I am pappa’s doll, dada’s (her brother) doll aaand mommy’s doll. “ Geesh!!!


Anonymous said...

She is a darling. Yes on the directions hse does that to me to when I take a right at Fee to avaoid the long queue. I am glad she shows equal affection and love to all. God Bless and let all her dreams come true. She is my "Hope" in "The Almighty"


Kelidoscope of thoughts said...

She is such a cutie ! Love her. Bindass attitude:) enjoy their beautiful imagination when you can .. It just gets better each day<3