Monday, November 3, 2008

Trying too many? or the exposure?

My little darling is 5 yr already. So, what will he want to be in, what things does he like, will he want to do swimming, karate, dance?? what??? those were the questions my hubby and me always keep thinking. Hubby dear says, let's try putting in this class, that class and let him choose if he likes something. How do I even know that I am exposing him to the things that he likes?

We are trying... We did swimming, .. he almost learnt it.. but after 4 yrs, he seems to have got bored with it and now he doesn't want to go.. Didn't think he would become next Phelps, but atleast not get drowned if put in water. He is oh so close to swimming by himself, but he just doesn't want to do it anymore. Okay we thought, let's stop this for some time and try later.
He was in gym classes,.. when little they let us be with them, so he used to enjoy it more.. Once turned three, he has to be by himself. He kinda gets lost in the crowd and doesn't do much.. So ... we stopped it.

Now, recently I said let's try bollywood dance.. he loves loves loves to dance,.. but he doesn't really move in rhythm. Well, this time around turns out teacher isn't motivated enough to teach him. WIth little 5 yr olds, u need more patiece to teach, but well... that was mainly missing.! So, move on.. well, still he asks me if I am gonna take him to class and he gets to learn new moves.. !! awwwww.!!

Now he's "trying" skating.. well literally,.. First class, he didn't move on the ice at all. just sat there and cried it seems.. Next class, I went along.. there were two teacher that day and one completly took over ayush. She asked him to go across and touch the line, otherwise he won't get to go home... Wohooo.. he tried and went across and came back. I was proud of my little one for trying and also for the teacher who tried so hard..

Y'day he, powered with camera in his hand, ventured out of house.. Did a little bit of photography.. Which he usually loves to do.. but y'day pics were really good I thought.. he had landscaping, houses, people, trash can(!!!!!), his toys, his room all the pictures in 5 minutes of leaving him with that camera.. will he be a photographer? or is it just his grandpa & mom's genes in him inkling to take pics.:o)..

We are still thinking about music classes, karate classes, soccer classes, something to do classes... The more exposure he gets he can get to choose right.;o). but still my question remain, how do I know am exposing to what he really would WANT?

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Miss Stymie said...

you will know only if you expose him....that is the point sweetie...keep your eyes and ears open and one day you will find out.