Friday, January 16, 2009

Kick-start resolution.!!

I am writing my blog after long gap.. Well, I was thinking that my new year resolution should have been that I keep up with my writing and keep my blog alive and kicking. (Nowadays am experiencing different kind of kicking.!! ) But I guess, it took half a month to dawn on me that I just thought about it, but no action was taken on that part.

So now, just to kick-start.... ( like the old bajaj scooter!! heheeh.. If you had one at home, you would have known what I am talking about.. First thing in the morning, you have to literlly pray to it that it starts. Then tilt it to one side, whichever side suitable for the driver so he doesn't fall off trying to do that.. Then try kicking.. Continue the process until it starts.! Now it seems hillarious, but when you are getting late for school bus and you are waiting patiently for your dad to start it and drop you... You know what am talking abt. :o). )

Well, I wanted to say that just to kick-start I wanted to write something.. Whatever came to my mind.. It's funny how I just kept writing this particular piece.. Anyways, am trying to keep up with my writing.. and hopefully you all forgive me for not writing so long and keep coming back to check on me.. Adios for now.!

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