Friday, September 25, 2009

My lil wonder..

It's fun to see how babies learn new stuff & do things. With their immese attention to details & grasp news things, learning new tricks.. I have always enjoyed being around babies., it was so much fun watching my son grow. Now with lil one at it, it's even more fun. I guess first time around I used to scrutinize every little thing under the microscope and being parent first time was overwhelming too.

She has started her day care now. I think she picks up lot of stuff (ofcourse she is picking lot of bacterias too!!!, she has been sick since she has started ) from there. After a wk in there, one day she was getting sleepy & I was trying to change her clothes. She started wailing. And suddenly she started throwing herself backwards.. I was like where do u learn such stuff from.

Her bro is always around her trying to show her liltlle things. She sucks her fingers, so he keeps compalining that she puts her hand in the mouth... goes lovingly to her & tries to take her hands off her mouth.. When he goes near her, she watches him intently and tries to soak in what he is doing. I have heard her many times trying 'da da' (Dada for big brother in our language). tries to grab him closer whenever he is around. Her brothers face lights up the minute he sees her & same feelings show on hers.

Then there is my hubby.. She just loves loves loves him I think.. The min she hears his voice, he has to pick her up IMMEDIATELY... She leaves anything and everything at hand (or in mouth) and starts jumping at him. There are days when he is out of town, so I used to think she might get attached to me more.. but looks like I have a Pappa's girl at hand already.

The day she turned 6 months, I went to pick her up.. ofcourse she wanted to go to her dad as soon as she saw him. He was taking her out in the sunshine.. So I wave her "bye bye" and she returned in back.. I was puzzled abt what she did. And when we tried again, she would do it again every time.. Nowadays whenever she wants us to pick up also she starts waving.. hillarious to watch that.

When I go to see her in the afternoon too, she is all jumpy & happy.. And when we drop her off she is having hard time. Her teacher exclaimed that none of the kids are usally know this emotion so early.. and she asked if she was really attached to us.. I don't know if she does, but I do know she loves us and we love her.. I think she just plain likes being around us.. My babies are getting sooo big everyday. Trying to gather all the joys of their childhood as much as I can... Time seems to be not enough to enjoy these precious moments..

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Yogi Naik said...

I think she will be sumee 2.0 when she grows up. She has a great resemblance to her mom. And being number 9 I won't be surprised to see other trait's follow.

Long-term I think she is going to be Ayush dada's lil sister :)))