Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Who is not on social networking nowadays. Everyone seems to have one or the other means of being in touch with their society. When I was introduced to it, I was/ am under the impression that those sites were too dangerous to put anything up & too much data is out there for anyone's grab. First I joined Orkut, after lot of my friends persuaded me to that. I was more of the ph-call person, rather than actually writing emails.. Well, may be not all that true.. i would write emails, but would rather talk most of the times. So when one of my friend was going back to India for good, I joined to keep in touch with her. Next thing I know, there were so many friends over there... After minor glitches, I was on full swing using it.. I love the fact that I can be in touch with so many of my lost friends now. They r just a scrap away...

Then there came facebook demand.. Few friends started insisting that it is much more flexible ( or whatever reasons they gave.. don't remember)... but after a much thought, I joined that too. Now I think I use more of it, than orkut, simply coz I have both American & Indian friends over there & most of them seems to be active over there. Ease of use,.. well... there were days I would think what was Wall about.:o).. Still haven't figured out most of the stuff out there.. I sometimes like to read what's going on in my friends lives... Wait a sec.., sometimes from some of them I get to know toooooo much., way too much.. I mean, literally.. there is an update on some people profile every other hour.! Feels like I am on the run with them whole day.!!!

Then there are whole lot of third party applications.. Most of them I avoid. ( well, I can hardly convince myself that I should take a quiz to see what color I am.!!! .. hmmm.. donno if I were a color? question ever came to me. Ofcourse many have asked what color u like or I sometimes think what colors I like,... but me being a color..!!). Still, fun reading results from others who took them.. sometimes I cave in and take some of those & have a good laugh after the results come out.

In the end,... it is making a world even more smaller.. Almost any community you can follow using it. It is connecting people everywhere.. Me being people person, likes it.. It works for me, just open it and scribble on a friends wall.. even if it means just writing a :o)..

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