Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Apture Highlights on my blog!

Got to know about a cool little widget. Images, videos, information anything you name it, you can get to it by just highlighting any word. When a word is highlighted, you can click on the Learn more button and it pops up a window to list all kinds for information. Once the browsing part is done, the user can simply close the window and be right back on your site. And the best part, it's FREE.

BTW this window is not blocked by pop-up blocker, which is REALLY nice. How you ask? This is what is there on their website "Nope! Apture’s windows are filled with content, not advertisements and are designed to complement the content on the page. They do not use traditional pop-up technology and are not filled with traditional pop-up advertisements…"

Experience it on my blog, just select a word ( not words like the, a etc, select Wikipedia and see what it gives you :o) ) and it should give you a little
button. Click on it and you can see Wikipedia definition. It can link up to youtube, twitter and more. Hopefully this will help the traffic to stay on my site and search rather than moving away from it. :o)
Here is an example of me trying to look on Wikipedia.

Enjoy blogging. :o)

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