Monday, February 7, 2011

Dreamy Cancun Trip - Part 1

Oh, starting to write about our trip itself is making me nostalgic about the place. It's one of the most beautiful places I have been to. It was a totally different experience.

Well, let me start from the beginning. (ok, my guess, this is going to take 2 or 3 posts. ;o) )As we flew into Cancun airport, we all were eager to peek outside and see the shore. The land was pretty flat and could see the ocean for most of the part. Cancun airport itself is located about 20 minutes from the actual hotel zone. What is hotel zone you ask? Well, it is shaped like number 7 and has all the hotels and restaurants in that area. I do not know if they would allow any residential building over there.

We got picked up by prepaid taxi that we had booked from back home. It was a huge SUV and a very posh interior. Way out, it was very clean roads and nice landscapes throughout. We saw few shopping malls on our way through the hotel zone. Since our hotel, “Dreams Cancun” was located, right at the tip of “7” we got to see all the hotels from down south up. Hotel is located on cul-de-sac.

As we got to the reception, a waiter came over and handed up water bottles and champagne! We were like, oh, here we go!!!! Our package was all inclusive when we booked. That means, you can eat/drink in any restaurants on the property any amount, any time, can do room service, everything included in the price that we paid up front. Yeah, one thing that happened to us during this trip was we forgot how it feels to be hungry. :o) (My guess again, this post is going to be all about food post!) Wherever on the property we were, someone or the other would come over to ask you what you would like to eat or drink!

The hotel property was beautiful. They had 5 restaurants on the property, one bar and discotheque, 3 snack bars. My kid’s favorite was “World CafĂ©” that would have theme every day and buffet style. Best place for breakfast. They had more than a dozen varieties of freshly squeezed fruit juices. Pineapple, papaya (yum!!), guava, mango, beetroot (my favorite!), orange, musumbi (another favorite), cactus(Oh, yeah, I tried it. Didn’t really care though ;o)), celery.. We loved trying each and every of them. Kids would go on trying one after the other.

Then there was huge choice of food and beverages. And of course who can forget desserts! They had delicious tarts, mousse, cakes (coffee!!!!). Awesome of the lot was icecreams. Yeah, they had only strawberry, butter scotch, chocolate and coconut flavors. But they were the most delicious ones. Even after a huge meal, we all would still want to have few scoops. ;o).

The first one we tried was “Oceana - Seafood Grill”. It had variety of fishes prepared in different ways. We add some swordfish, salmon, and fish tacos. All were so good that we went back to that place quite a bit. Only problem was they were not open for family dining in the evening, it was couple only. Then there was Himitsu, an Asian flavor. It was right by the beach, so most of the nights it was so windy to go there. At last we get to go there once and they had great sushi, and flavorful entrees.

Ahh, I am feeling hungry. I guess I will stop for now and continue the journey for my next post… :o). I think I will put the title as Part 1, that will encourage me to complete my posts. :o). BFN..

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