Friday, June 17, 2011

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy... WHAT!!

Few months back I was on a roll on my blog and had to take a sudden break coz of my health issues. It was the day of my daughter’s birthday party. I had a bowl of cereal in the morning and only a cup of orange juice. After late lunch at 3:00 and by all the exhaustion of the party, I started to feel sick and didn’t have my dinner. As we prepared kids for bedtime, I started getting severe abdominal pains. I took some acidity medicine and went to bed. But in the night at 3:00, I started to get worse and Yogi had to call doctor who lives next door. In snowy rain, he came over to see me and gave some medicine to help me sleep.

Next day was better, only to get worse by evening. My son, who was alone with me did not panic and was offering me whatever he thought dad would have given me. (I am sooo proud of my little boy) That evening my doctor drove us to the emergency and offered to keep the kids with them. After three shots of morphine my pain subsided, but I threw up as they were discharging me. So, they moved me to in-patient section to do more tests.

From then on started a long ride of tests. They knocked me out for an endoscopic evaluation of the stomach. First time I had anesthesia and it was so funny I thought. A second back I was talking to the nurse and then I woke up with pain in my throat (with that big pipe going down the throat). I thought gosh, I lost those hours of my life. Even in sleep I think you would feel you are very much THERE.. But this was kinda different.

Then eventually it was decided I need to have Laparoscopic cholecystectomy to remove my gallbladder because it was functioning low. So this surgeon walks in and says, Ms you need to have this surgery and we will be doing it tomorrow. I was like WHAT!!!! I said, I had this kinda of pain for the first time, do I need to jump into that big step. Next thing you know, this surgeon stands up, says, well, nice meeting you, it’s your decision and walks out.! I lay there wondering what I said was wrong! Anyways, after numerous other doctors consultation, talking to nurses, looking online (within 2 hrs) we made a decision to go ahead with the surgery late that night. I do still regret the fact that I went ahead with that same surgeon( after my doctor’s assurance that he was a good surgeon).

I asked Yogi that night to call my parents and friends to let them know about surgery. My parents call me at the hospital and start crying on the phone. I was little nervous till then, but consoling them gave me an amazing calmness and strength.

Next day early morning nurse comes in to tell me that within an hour they will come to take me to the OT. I call hubby and he says well we are all just waking up, by the time I drop kids and come over it will be around 10:00. So I will see you after the surgery. I say ok and keep the phone down. Then it dawned to me, well I am having surgery here and don’t have anyone by my side. So called back and told him to get to the hospital before 8:00, no matter how. . He did show up before I was wheeled out (Yeah, he loves me. ;o)). After surgery I had four tiny incisions in my stomach to remove the gall bladder.

Tons of friends came over with food for us. Some came over to keep my company till my MIL came from India. Yes, a special mention of my MIL, because the minute she knew I was having surgery and we needed her help, she made a decision to travel. She cannot speak or read English, but she said she would come over to help us. Luckily for us, one of our friend was travelling back and she joined her.

I have completely recovered now from all the stomach pains and stomach upsets. Hardest part for me was giving up lifting my little one. She cuddled next to me after I went back home after a week and said I missed you mommy. I had tears rolling down my eyes when I hugged them both. Now I realize how much woman of the house is important for a family. She needs to be strong and healthy, to take care of kids, family and their needs. This health scare has made me stronger emotionally. My friends have overwhelmed with their love. Hoping to have healthier days ahead of me now…

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Kelidoscope of thoughts said...

God bless you darling. You are such a strong character you bounce back every time that life gets you down. Looking at you gives me strength :)

- Vandana