Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Me, Trying to Judge Casey Anthony case...

Too much has been written and said about Casey Anthony case. I wanted to write my take on this. For the starters if you didn’t know about this case, you probably are not living in US and don’t watch CNN in your part of the world. Coz way too much coverage was given to this case over here that there is no way anyone would have missed it.

Caylee Anthony, a pretty 2 yr old went missing from her Florida home in 2008 and was only reported missing after whole 31 days by her grandmother (note – NOT mom). During that one month Caylee’s mother was seen partying all over the places. From what I have read, my opinion was that she was a young mother who didn’t really cared for this child. After finding the remains of little Caylee in a trash bag few miles from her mom’s house, Casey was arrested in murdering her little daughter.

I could never come to think of how could any mother kill her own flesh and blood? Now the verdict is out this week. She was acquitted of murder, but given around 4 years for lying to the police. Really???

Because of lack of evidence, Jury declared she was innocent. I do agree with that part. But she shouldn’t have gotten away with negligence and lack of responsibility as a mother for a safety of her child. She should be punished for beating around the bush all the time and keeping mum about the disappearance of her child. That does show that she DID know something had happened to Caylee. Whether she had hand in that or not, God only knows.

After I heard that Casey wants to adopt or have more children, I fell sick in my stomach to even think about the potential kids. We may never know the truth, but hopefully the guilty one gets the well deserved punishment.

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Anonymous said...

This is similar to the O.J Simpson Case that went in 2000-2001. Wright or wrong judiciary strictly goes by evidence and not emotions or circumstances.
As you said the "guilt" will catch up with the offender.