Wednesday, May 28, 2008

At the Ceremony..

Ashu had an award ceremony 5 days ago. This is first time for him to recieve anything like that. well, I take that back, he did get a medal when he went to the Little Gym. Anyways, back to the topic of the cermony.... I got him all excited about the award ceremony since I had no idea if he would want to go up on the stage and recieve the award in proper manner. All he wanted to know was if he can break into dance or song when he gets on to the stage.!!!! Am like, NO... YOu don't do that, you have to go and get the certificate, shake hands and say thank you. He was like, that is boring.!!! I said, No, it's gonna be fun, all your friends gonna be there and everyone is going to get an award for all their hard work.

Atlast the day arrived, rather the evening. It was "supposed" to start on the dot at 5:00PM, so I hurried from work to pick Ashu and then hurried to be there at the ceremony by 4:50PM. Whew, ! am on time I thought, ... got him in hurriedely.., only to find, 2 families in the whole auditorium, and ofcourse (luckily.!! ) the centre's owner who is an Indian and her whole family was there.! So I tried entertaining my little one for almost an hour, showing all the awards lined up on the stage & telling that he is gonna get one of those. Then the program began with many kids doing the talent show.! {Hey, no one told me about this. There was no mention of show in the invitation,... My poor baby wanted to show off his talents soo much.!! }

Then the moment came, since his name tag had number 1 written, I thought may be he is going first.! And I prepped him again, saying that he might be going first, so he has to do it right. Ofcourse, they did call him first, he walked to the side and walked in a marching style and went and stood right next to the announcer & heard everything that they were telling about him, giving biggest grin and smiling at everyone. Then they put a medal on him for being ahead in maths and a recognition certificate. He was sooo proud of himself and came down with them to show them off to me..

Then there was his friend sitting next to us and he went up to get his,... He got another award for completing a year. And when he came back, everything changed for my A.! He started looking at his trophy, ... and was all questions in curiousness in his eyes. I wasn't sure what they both were talking, but my heart sank, thinking that he might be asking why he did not get that trophy. The more I sat there looking at him, the more I thought of did I do the right thing by telling him that everyone is going to get the same awards and will he be upset for not getting the "other" trophies... Then he came up to me and sat with me for a while. Looking at his medal, he said, why did I get this Mamma. I said, coz you are doing good in Maths. He was like, I do good in reading too Mamma. I said, I know.. That is why he got the certificate. He turned towards me and gave the biggest smile, said, I like that.

That is when I knew, he was happy with what he got. Simple and content.... & putting all my thoughts & doubts to rest.. Here's to my boy who stumps me everyday. Here's my inspiration...

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Miss Stymie said...

Qudos to ashu and a big huggie from me for getting that medal.Keep it up sweetie!