Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fashion fiascos & triumphs..

Went to Sex and the City movie y'day. It was Girl's night out and all of us wanted to see a chick-flick.! coz none of the husbands wanted to watch it. It was a fun movie. Ofcourse the heart of the movie is all about the bonding between the girls... I couldn't stop, but think about all my girl friends & about fashion. I do have lot of girlfriends whom I feel am close to., and it also includes my sisters. I don't think any guys will understand the closeness girls share with their friends.

Carrie Bradshaw rocked with her style in the movie, her wedding errands, emotions and ofcourse SHOES.! Very very Materialistic.! I don't divulge too much into materialistic stuff, but yeah, I do have girlfriends who make me feel want to.. :o). I have learnt a lot over the years, how to dress up even.. I don't think I knew that, say 10 yrs back,.. it is gradual, finding the fine balance of what works for you and what doesn't. Have been fortunate to have friends to point that one out all the time in different stages of my life.. I think one of my first fashion gurus were my sisters. Always admired how each one would dress up, their choice of clothes, choice of hairstyle to choice of lifestyle and how each one would carry themselves... I stil remember my younger sis dragging me to parlour to get my eyebrows done during my final engineering days.. (Oh, yeah, I didn't do till then.. hehehe).. & bumping into friends there who held each side of me to get that done.!!

And remember the friends who would pull me along for all kinds of shopping sprees. I think am a good learner, donno if I have perfected, but do try and pick the good (??? !!!! ) fashion trends from my friends. Never thought you could use so many accessories and look different in the same dress.!!! but well, again have friends who use great accessories in different ways & make it work.. I admire many of them who could carry anything off with elegance. Fashion is all about how you present urself, it's just not abt looks, not abt labels, just pure self, how u present urself to the world and be totally comfortable in what you do.. So to all my friends,... I love you all, and thank you for being there in my life, mending my ways and working through my hard head & getting me to where I am, letting me know bluntly when I suck & praising when I make right choices.. It's an experience, journey .. one trendy, fashionable journey... Thank you. X0X0

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Miss Stymie said... made me reflect to our college have definitely changed and am sure you would have had lot more admirers if you had dressed the way you do now when in college...wish we were more informed then[;)]