Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day..

It's mother's day today and am sitting here, typing this blog with my little one on my lap. He came today and told me Happy Mother's day, when I was wishing my Mom over the phone.. I thought it was really cute, coz he had no idea what exactly it was. He thinks it's just like Birthday's ... Anything you wish with happy at the beginning, it's Birthday for him!.. And ofcourse he asked me million dollor question 10 minutes ago... "Why do you love me so much Mamma?".. Awwwwww.... Do I really have an answer for that.!! Does anyone has one, (Pls share it with me if you do.!!!)..

I always thought this Mother's day, Father's day etc were made up by the card companies,.. I might be wrong,.. why did they just pick one day?? Rn't we glad to have good parents everyday in our lives? I know I do.. always thank God for having me given such cultered and good parents who sacrifised their happiness most of the time to see us happy.! Donno how they did it, but they instilled knowledge in us to know the Good vs Bad and Right Vs wrong. I always wonder and hope that I could be a parent like they are ... Wish me Best..!!!

Anyways, coming back to my little ones question...... I couldn't answer him.. I just know, I love him, love him more than ANYTHING in the world. Told him I LOVE him, a LOT... for the little things that he does for me, for the things that says to me, , for who he is........ When you talk abt that unconditional love from Mom, that's what they say I think. !!!. For all reason and for all seasons love them for what they are.., and they love you back unconditionally.!!

Have fun always, find the humor when you are in hurry to leave for work and your kid wants to wear a pajama to the school,... wkdays tough to get them out of bed & wkends they are the one to get up first,.... enjoy the ride with them back from school, or a short walk to a friends house, or trip to the zoo (even if it is your 7 time in the same summer)... enjoy what you both like to do... together, cherish the moments... So here's to all the Mom's..
Enjoy your day!!


Ajith Prasad Edassery said...

Good post (though I admit that I am not a big fan of special days) :)

Keep posting!


Stumped said...

Thanks Ajith, not as pro as u guys, but trying to keep up with writing.. thanks for dropping-n