Monday, April 28, 2008

I had to talk Cricket :o)

I am not a big fan of cricket in recent times.. I used to watch a lot when I was school and I think I grew out of that craze soon.. But ofcourse got married to an avid follower of cricket, :o).. . So many a times I get to know what's going on without asking or looking for it. Then there are all the e-papers that I read to know abt India and mostly come back with cricket and bollywood stuff.. Anyways.., when I started reading abt IPL, I thought .. .interesting..... They wanted to bring in the corporates in this.. also I thought it;'s a great way for all the youngesters to get an oppurtunity to shine, and get their way in to The Indian team.... But the more I thought abt it, and watched one of the IPL matches, I thought,... well,.... IPL is actually gonna break the bonding that Indian team had.. Coz now everyone belongs to different IPL team, some of them are captains in their own team, so why should they listen to the captain of Indian team... They would look at becoming more Individual performers than team players..Then there was Bhajji and Sree row, there he slapped him, got fined today for the same.... It kinda gave the same message as my views abt IPL... Isn't anyone looking at what I am looking at.!! Or just want to make their money and keep quiet abt it..Just hoping that team INdia won't be a loser in front of IPL... Yes, I do care abt Indian team still.. i want to see them lift the world cup one more and few more times as a united team... :o).

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Miss Stymie said...

Now we know even friendships take a backstage when it comes down to money considering the huge amounts each one is going to gain.