Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blind Faith??

I kinda consider myself non-orthodox. But sometimes I wonder am I? It's hard to get stuff out of ur blood I guess. Today I did something that make me think about it.. My hubby was leaving for client place for two days. He stopped and asked for water. As soon as I reached for a glass, I remembered someone saying not to have water when you are leaving on a trip.! (God knows who told me that, I can hardly remember most of the time.. Only Content stays with me.). Don't ask me why!! Don't Remember.!

Sometime I shrug and go ahead, but didn't do that today.. instead, gave him a bottle of water & said, "take it along with you and drink it later, I have heard that you shouldn't drink water just before leaving the house." He just looked at me confused, and took the bottle & said, well, this works better anyway and left..

There are many things... may be some things that I do sometimes which makes me wonder if I have too much "Moodha Nambike" as they say in Kannada.. (meaning Blind Faith). Like another famous thing that I follow, (ofcourse after someone told me abt a year back.) is not to wear a ring on the middle finger.. They told me it's not good to wear, also must have been followed with a why.., but duh, don't remember.!

What is it about? Should I follow or not to follow I donno., but I do keep following them.! It would make me extremely concious if I don't follow those little stuff... Like... Oh, yeah, the other day I was going for a walk in our subdivision, and saw a stray cat... Which is very very rare first of all, but it did occur to me that it crossed the path that I was about to take.Remember the old saying, not to cross when a cat crosses ur path. Well, I started to still keep going... as soon as I was near that spot, I automaticall turned around and crossed across. !!! (LOL) .. Funny part was that the cat crossed too.. Now it got on to my nerves, and I started walking faster just so that I can cross it's path.. Cat stopped and looked at me for a while and vanished below the drain entrance.., I guess Cat didn't wanted to walk on the path that I CROSSED.!!!

And hey I also remember during our college days, my friends would say seeing one crow would bring badluck.!!!! Esp during exam times blind faith or whatever works, we would be ready to do it, even if it meant looking for second crow.!! Hehehehe.. Good that we don't have any crows over here. !! when I think abt all these, it's hillarious. But I keep doing it.! Do I need a sanity check here, or is it common? LOL.. Keep your sanity everyone.. ;o)


Miss Stymie said...

ah! i can explain thew water thing...dont drink water so you dont need to urinate for long...that spares trouble to find a bathroom esp on trips. The cat...that must be our ego and the crow thing, it's always nice to see a couple[;]. The middle finger ring(can't figure out that:))

Stumped said...

You r my sanity check KC. ;o)