Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Greener land...

Got our landscaping done this weekend. I loved the whole process of designing it and get it Done. We have been wanting to do it since we got the house and I think it looks amazing. People have been stopping to find out more about it.

Now is the time to worry.. WOrry abt my plants. You see, I don't have green thumb at all. Have killed lot of house plants. I love them so much that I over watered few. After that I learnt that it should be watered as instructed., so I did., still they died.. May be too much sunlight.! Donno. Once a freind gave me a big house plant,.. beautiful one. With my history I became too much into it. Tried to water as it was written on it. I kept moving it to make sure it gets enough sunlight. Then started to see that the plant leaves had started to wilt a little. So decided too much sunlight and moved it.. Kept moving it for almost a month, bought some plant feeders and added to that and watered.. Nothing, ... had to give up after a month of hardworking and it died, completely.! No revival possible.!

Then I read somewhere that the house plants likes to adapt to a place and you shouldn't move it too much.. You give them SHOCk.!!! Whew, I gave the poor plant SHOCK.! Anyways, pray for me.. Rather, pray for all my outdoor plants now.! Hopefully they all survive and I could too .. one day be proud that I could grow something.!

But one thing has been killing me. I used rubber mulch.!!! OOppss., am now so on guilt trip,... that am doing something bad for the eco-system.!! ahem, .. I wish that feeling would go away.,. Am trying to read all the articles to see if they r bad. Ofcourse the companies who sell them say they are the best. Well,.. I did buy them coz it said low- maintenance.. Don't ahve to do it every year like the regular mulch.. and they don't coz mold to grow below like the other one does..Hearing all those, we just decided to go with that mulch.. coz hey lets face it.. We didn't wanted to do the mulch every year.! Do it once and forget it for quite a few years sounded really really good.!!! And boy it looks good too.

Well.... I guess I have been ranting too much. Just have to go with the flow sometimes. Wish me luck,. will try to paint my thumb green and get to some digging, planting and pruning... (U could tell ha, I have been learning all these new words in Gardening.. ;o)..). Until next time...


Miss Stymie said...

sumee all the very best in your venture...hope to see some green snaps soon

Anonymous said...

HEy sumee I too have got some house plants....and some seeds .Iam watching them daily but nothing seems to have sprouted expect for a grey layer of mould over the soil!!
Good luck with yur gardening though:)