Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A world of Wii

Whoever owns one of these knows what am talking about. My hubby dear wanted this game since it was released in 2007. Well, to be precise.... one day we were at the mall and they had set up Wii game in the centre. Anyone interested could go and try out the games. First thing my hubby wants, is to try .. ofcourse Tennis. The minute he tried it, he was soooo impressed and wanted that..

Then last summer lil fella tried the Mario racing game at Best buy. That was it, every time we would go in that store, he wanted to go and try other games. At friends house he got a taste of other fun games like cow racing.!! now both the boys wanted it.

So atlast after a yr it was introduced, 3 months ago we brought this little Wii home. Since it's arrival there is joy in those 2 pairs of eyes.. They want to try that every chance that they get. My lil champ liked the boxing and now none of us can beat him in that.. It's hillarious to watch him fight and most of the time he knocks out his opponent.. Mostly he used to fight with the computer generated.. one day hubby dear tried his hand. I saw my son put in so much energy , I slowly told hubby to go easy.. Next min he was knocked out.. one look at my hubby's face and I knew he didn't try to be easy, but my son had beaten him anyway.!!!! I was trying to contain my laughter, but my hubby was still in awe as to how this lil kid could defeat him.. But till date it's my son who wins the game & now hubby dear has given up and he lets him play agaist the comp generated opponents.. hehehehe..

Now he's on his way to top bowling.. Recently since he's been watching his dad play Tennis ( which btw dad's PRO now ) he wanted to try that one too. It's amazing how nowadays kids pick up so much so quickly..

I have always been against video games and those war games etc.. But Wii is kinda different. You could get into more of entertainment stuff, but we like the basic games that we have got now.. with all the sports packages.. It's introducing us and our lil champ to different kinda of games and it's rules,.... which otherwise I atleast wouldn't have cared to learn.

Still, game is a game.... But if you know your limits and not boggle down to get addicted, I think few of these could be real pleasure... It sure has become a crowd pleaser in my house now.. :o)

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