Monday, February 9, 2009


There are ridiculous number of bailouts happening nowadays.. Left and right they are sanctioning bailouts.. But what does that mean to us commoners., close to half of our hard earned money goes as taxes, and these tax money is the one that's used for these bailouts,... Instead this money being used to improve the local schools, libraries (which surely could use some help..) it's being used for car-makers bailouts, bank bailouts... These got themselves into this position, so why should it even get any sympathy from the public. Also reports of these companies splurging on unnecessary things are driving me crazy.

First the car makers come in their private jets (fly in 4 diff jets!!! ) to Washington to ask for money. Then heard about the CEO who splurged thousands of money in renovating his office room, and today heard a news of all the banks, along with bailed out ones having a convention in 5 star hotel in Vegas.!!! Some of these are the sponsers over there. The bank side of story is that it didn't cost them much to be sponsorers.!! Duh.!!!!

Then follows a news story of how School districts are struggling to keep going, coz they do no have money to pay to the teachers.. And how libraries all over the country r closing coz they can't keep up with the operating cost. There is no-money invovled for the public to use the library, so the money should come from govt for them to survive.!!!!!
Is anyone seeing all this or is it just me getting frustrated with all this??

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