Monday, February 23, 2009

Jai Ho Rahman.!!!!

Well, who is not proud about the fact that AR Rahman got 2 oscars home y'day night. Also an oscar for Pookutty and Gulzar. I usually don't sit through the whole oscars, but y'day sat only to see if our Indians would make us proud. Well.. They did and my God how good that felt... !! I want mention how humble both of them were when they accepted their statues. Rahman's body language clearly stated he was just not comfortable with whole world staring at him in awe.! It goes to show how down to earth person he is..

On stage he quoted "All my life, I had an option between love and hate. I chose love and here I am today....." I think that summarized what he wanted say., ofcourse there was another pearl, he said "I was this nervous only another time and it was my wedding day." Pretty funny and how shaky he must have been..

I think he got into his element when he had to sing.. that was the most comfortable moment for him. And today I watched him perfom at Oprah Winfrey show.. Even though over the years we have seen him deliver great music one after the other, he has got recognition internationally because of his involvment in the international project. I am sure there are still whole lot of offers coming his way soon.. I felt soooo proud to be born in the same country as him. My fav till date from him... (hmm... this is a tough one, but I want to choose one.!! ) , I think has to be Vande Mataram... Every time I hear it, I LOVE IT.!!!!
Here's to the Maestro.!!!!!!! Congratulations.!

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Ajith Edassery | Blog Money said...

A.R.Rahman and Resul Pookutti deserved it. Talking about that, there have been better compositions from AR in the past :)

As for the movie, I thought it was a mediocre one. The storyline and the casting wern't that great. It was just that a desi theme based movie with good marketing got some visibility. However the highlight of the movie is the changing India v/s something that will never ever change. i.e. New booming economy, outsourcing etc v/s slums, child labour...