Friday, February 20, 2009

Media coverage..!!!

Have you seen news lately. Mostly it covers the news abt Shahrukh Khan. As to how he is recovering from his shoulder surgery.. All started with what time he had surgery, who did the surgery, doctors interview, list of people who come to visit him, interviews of people who saw him, touched him.!!!!!! Gosh,..!!

I remember few years back when Amitabh was in hospital, all the news channel did only that coverage.... Details almost as the above and lot more.. Like what he was suffering from, how it affects, whom it affects, why it affects.!!!!!

Well, around a month back when our Prime Minister was in hospital for by-pass heart surgery, how many of you notice that news.. Coz there was a small link on the news page which "mentioned" it.!!

Hilarious or Ridiculous... You decide.!!!

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