Monday, July 25, 2011

Weighty issues

I read this article today on yahoo.
Funny that almost at the same time I was thinking about going on some kind of regime again to lose some weight. After reading this, oh well, I guess I don’t need to, coz I am going to get them back again anyway. :o)

Growing up everyone would exclaim how thin I was. Well you must have guessed what’s coming next…, you got it right, no one says that anymore. Not that I am on heavier side, [I stand 5’ 6½” and eh let’s just say am at the higher end of wt. for my height. I fluctuate between 12 to 8 dress sizes.] I have struggled with my weight for some time now.

I was skinny till my college days. Once I started working, all work and no play, made me start gaining weight. I could feel it on me, coz when I would smile I could feel my cheekbone area into my eyes.. :o). Then I travelled to Netherlands on work. Oh what a beautiful country it is! I would walk everywhere and only take train/ bus when needed. Came back 10 pounds lighter and I maintained that till I was married and had kids.

Here in US, there is hardly any workout involved in daily chores. They say the air too makes you put on weight! Well, I did smell that cheese pizza, could that be the fact that my scale shows 2 pounds more today?

Last year when we planned our trip to Cancun, I went to swim suit shopping. With only 7 weeks away from trip, I promised myself that I would try and loose at least 7 to 10 pounds before I leave. And as a matter of fact I did lose. I didn’t go on any diet plan or anything. It was just sticking to the plan and getting core strengthening exercise every alternate day.

I used to work out hard at the gym and never understood why my scale would stare back at me. Eventually realization dawned that if I hit the gym, I was also hitting the fridge more often, coz all that exercising made me hungry. So here is what I came up with.

- I literally stopped gym. Started only stretch and core strengthening routines.
- I made a plan that I have to eat small meals throughout the day.
- Nothing to eat after 6/ 7 PM [Ahhh, I used to be hungry before I go to bed.]
- Stick to home cooked food, no to any processed food.
- Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate with only H2O.

I stuck to my plan for 6 weeks, my plan did work.. But left size 6 me very very hungry at the Cancun beach. Where there was food, food and more food everywhere (our package was inclusive of food and drinks!!! Ehh)… By the time we came back, I was half way back up. Then there was my sudden surgery. Only good thing about that I lost quite a bit of weight for first few weeks. BUT, with doctors order I stopped exercising and remember the article I mentioned in the beginning? Yeah, I am back to square one.

So now to motivate me, I have started a food blog ( ) I want to list all the food that would probably easy to make and prbly the blog will motivate to do more cooking at home because I always keep experimenting and to keep my blog going I will try many more things. Also let’s see if I can get another event or trip to motivate me. May be for our next India trip…Hmmmmmm..

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