Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mindless Looting..

London has been on the news last two days for wrong reasons.. There is looting going on everywhere. Whenever any riots happen usually they just need a mindless trigger. In London, the trigger was a man killed by a police officer. People gathered to first to ask for justice. But it all has soon snowballed into this riots for past three days. I am sure many of the rioters even know what has happened! All they want to do is get as much as bounty as possible in all this commotion. There were many businesses that were gutted down by the arsenic attacks.

The pictures released by police show men and women alike joining in the lootings. They are breaking into jewelry, cash, electronic shops, looting whatever they can find.. There are images of people sneaking into these shops after the looters have left, and continuing to loot some more.!

Walking down the street must be a nightmare to commoner. Even when two innocent people walk past each other, they must be thinking the other could hurt them. No trust anywhere, reminds me of the scene from oscar winning movie Crash, when a scared police officer gives a ride to young black man, kills the boy in an instant when he will be trying to show him that he too have the same angel figure in his pocket as the police officer. Londoners are going to take a long time from now on to trust the person walking next to them.

I saw a video today with an injured kid being mugged. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/video--injured-boy-in-riots-mugged.html  Seriously!!! Initially from one person trying to help to get on his feet, to mug him situation, in a matter of seconds.. Sickening to see. Where on earth did empathy in people go? They all looked like dogs searching and fighting for scraps!!

Rioters are creating scare in people and not abiding to anything. I always believe in peace, but for their disorderly conduct, and absolutely non-excusable actions from these rioters, they need to be hunted down and punished.

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