Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My baby turned 8!

Yeah! He turned eight this August. When I look back at all those years, I wonder how fast they went. I know I might probably say this every year going forward, but that’s how it feels… On every birthday I wrote for him in his book, about how his year was. But last two years, I have become too busy or lazy to write them down for him. That’s why I thought of typing up over here. It’s always easy for me to type than write. ;o)

~ Still a charmer. One smile melts anyone’s heart.
~ Still says he’s Mamma’s boy (I love you too baby ;-))
~ Had a hard time coping with the weather extremities we had (From snow storms, thunderstorms, tornedoes, high winds to high temperatures!) in this year.
~ Gets on my nerves faster than anything
~ Deaf to his name! (So much so that even his sister has started to call out for him in the same tone as us!)
~ Loves his sister, but have learned to give her trouble.
~ One fine day wanted to start Piano lessons again. And he’s doing wonderful with the new teacher. His memory still amazes me! He can memorize his pieces so quickly. We were proud each time at his piano recitals. He tested at the Junior Federation Festival and received Superior and his first blue ribbon!
~ Willingly went back to Tae Kwando and he has promised he will bring his Mamma a black belt one day. Mamma is waiting for his yellow belt for now.
~ Did his first swimming with Dolphins this year when we went to Cancun! So proud that he tried it and didn’t give up even though he was in freezing cold water.
~ Mommy tried a boys sleepover party for his 8th birthday! It was a great success, but I don't think I will have that theme again though!
~ Some favorite’s songs this year have been ‘Zoobi Doobi’, Songs from Kismet Konnection, ‘Sheila ki Jawaani’, ‘Dinka Chika’. Loves Soft and hard rock music & enjoys American Idol with Mamma.

And of course Dad wrote for him too in the book. Now that he didn’t do that part, I today asked him to write too. ;o) Here’s his part (He wrote after reading mine, so my guess is he didn’t wanted to repeat some of the proud moments of ours)
Experts from dad’s email à
~ Continues to easily get distracted. Not sure if he needs to be maturing more at his age. Example he prefers playing with younger kids and peers who act silly, funny or laugh.
~ Sometimes seem to hog all the attention from parents especially when his sister is there. Could be vitamin “J”
~ Surprisingly he shows good behavior when mom needs it and I am travelling for work
~ Has gotten better in eating by himself and enjoying his activities like summer camp at Andrews.
~ Much better language of Konkani than before, thanks for granny too for this.
~ Additionally understanding Hindi too J as mom found out when he interrupted our conversation in Hindi to give his inputs!
~ Struggles to comprehend when he reads and does not like writing due to fine motor challenges
~ We as parents are learning to be compassionate after reading the books on child with sensory challenges.

We sincerely hope God gives you the strength and will to fight your way to success son à love Dad & Mom

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Anonymous said...

This is great Sumee. It is like a on-line scrapbook. Time might fly, things might change our memories might fade but these notes will forever revive back those moments...