Monday, February 14, 2011

Cancun trip - Part II

Yeah, we did JUST vacation this time. What I mean by “Just Vacation” is that usually whenever we take a vacation to any place we don’t relax. We always plan ahead on what we want to see and do. And this time, all we had in mind was do NOTHING. Oh, we did want Ayush to try swimming with Dolphins. Since the dolphins were at the resort itself, we thought if he keeps seeing them he would want to give it a try. And try and go see Mayan ruins on one of the days.

The relaxation part was so huge that we came back grinning side to side. First day when we went to beach, anyone could have make out that it was our first day (Coz we were able to make out from next day onwards on others ;-)) We were all just sooo in awe of the beauty there, that it was hard not to show all that excitement on you!!

They had Explorer’s club at the resort where we could drop 3 and above age kids. With only one kid to drop off, we didn’t leave him. But the few times he decided to join, he had loads of fun. They would close the bar and discotheque at Desires bar for the kids to come and enjoy the music and dance. They would go on scavenger hunt, bungee trampoline, painting, rock climbing, art and crafts, you literally name and they had it.

For adults too they had many activities throughout the day. There were beach volleyball, water sports, kayaking, trampoline and rock climbing right in the middle of the ocean, riding on the mechanical bull. All fun activities! We would literally be either at the beach side or in the kid’s pool all the time. Made lots of friends because we would bump into same people every day. And Ayush made many friends at the club and also coz of us. He got attracted to this really cute girl I think. Her name was Sophie. She looked like a doll with all the curly black hair. Actually, when talking to her mom, she said Sophie looked just like my baby when she was around that age.  One day saw her at World café having breakfast with her dad and Ayush asked the hostess to make us sit right next table. Throughout he kept smiling at her, but would not go talk (though they played together when at Explorer club). It was just so cute.

Then there were evening programs where they would either have some kind of acrobatics/ magic/ music/ pirate theme or shops from local vendors. The clown at one the show asked Yogi to come up on stage. It was a pretty funny act and he was happy to be part of it. All the acrobatics that we saw were just jaw dropping. Pretty neat.

The weather cooled down for 3 days in Cancun. One of those days we decided to go to Tulum, which has Mayan ruins and many had recommended this place, since it’s closer to Cancun and had beautiful setting. En route the guide kept talking about the Mayan culture etc. Pretty interesting, though I would have liked a nap! Once reaching there too, the tour was pretty long. Then when we were left with one hour, they said we could explore by ourselves. The ruins were right next to the beach, so we went towards the beach. Oh, it was one of the GORGEOUS beaches I have seen. We have to get down at least 3 or 4 stories down to get to beach, had beautiful stone carvings and just plain beautiful and peaceful ( even though it was bustling with people)

Next day we had booked for Ayush to do swimming with dolphins. It was very cold outside still and we were wondering how cold the water will be. Of course it was freezing water, but my boy didn’t let go of the opportunity to swim with dolphins. He enjoyed every bit of it, especially riding on it. I am sure he will cherish every moment of it and his pictures brimming with happiness when those dolphins kissed him, oh my gosh, just priceless!

Even when I look back at our vacation, all I think about are the moments when I just sat there on the beach and did NOTHING! It was just pure serenity, tranquility whatever you want to name it! One day I got early and went to see the sunrise at 5:30. It was just an amzing experience. We came back with so many wonderful memories to last us a life time. Wish to make few more memories like these with my loved ones.

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