Saturday, April 12, 2008

Earth hour Earth Day.!!!

Recently few cities / countries held Earth Hour event. You switch off all your unused lights in the household or in the office for one hour. Time and date was designated. It was started last year, but I think it got media converage this year and I heard it for the first time this year too. The idea is to get everyone to put an effort to do it atleast on that day.!

When I heard it I was ammused that it was called Earth Hour. Well, in India we call it scheduled power-cuts (on top of unscheduled ones.. :o) ). To meet the demand of use of energy, many places in India follow this scheduled power-cuts.. That means you could finish all your energy wanting work and sit and enjoy the candle lit dinner with family. How romantic.!!! It works perfectly, coz you know at that particular day, at the time the power goes.. That is in perfect world right.!!! ;o). We would always feel that the clock at the power office is not working right, it would usually start earlier and then the "man" responsible for turning it on, went home forgetting all about it.!! Once he reached home, he had to realize and come back to turn it on.!! heheeh... Okay am making up stories here,. but that's what I would feel, whenver the power wouldn't come back on the scheduled time.

And then when growing up, there was no electricity in my native place. Visiting native place is fun alright.! But come night, it's PITCH dark.,!! with owls at the far, crickets making noise.. and the swishing of wind beneath the big trees... I might have said it's earth day.!! Earth in all it's beauty..

After I moved to US, only once I experienced the power outage. It felt crippled., never in my entire life back in India did I feel that,... all homes are equipped to face times like that amy be.. Here we take things for granted, we don't think abt it.. but it's a luxury to have electricity all the time..

So .. to make that luxury happen to everyone in the world and for our future generation, why not save some of the energy that we have in abundance... Make everyday an earth hour/ day. Switch off all the unused lights in the house, make energy effient choices.. . ( Would save some extra bucks too. ;o) ). Every single person can make a difference, ... heard one of Gandhi's quote recently, "Be the change that you want to see in the world.." ... Try it,... feel the accomplishment..


Miss Stymie said...

Sumee hope you guys in the US will observe earth hour frequently so we here in India can enjoy the benefits later(atleast before i die) and co-incidently gandhi seems to have borrowed the quote from me[;)]

Stumped said...

I do my part babe.! Hoping that everyone does theirs.:o).