Thursday, February 24, 2011

Birth dates..

Last week it was my birthday. It was a super fun day for me! My hubby made it all so special for me. I am pretty good with remembering dates and numbers. But after cell phones I am getting weaker in that dept by relying on the phone all the time. Birthdays have become easier with many using facebook now. So, I took off my birth date from FB the week before. ;o). Just wanted to see if I get any wishes. Well, my family, school, college friends remembered and few close ones, whom I know before FB days. Then I was telling that to Yogi that how FB has become a source for everyone, and he went and wrote on my wall to wish me. Of course, all the common friends between us can see this message and then people started writing. :o)

Got me thinking about how many co-incidences I have with birth dates. Coincidences as in the sense knowing the people who share the same birth dates. This post is going to be full of confusion if you don’t read it carefully. :o)

My son’s birthday is on the same date as my co-sister, my college friend, my prev neighbour’s daughter, Ayush’s buddy on the bus, a designer who helped us with our home and my favourite movie star Kajol. That designer, Tammy had an interesting birth dates in her family too. Between her three kids, hubby and her, they had birth dates one after the other ranging from 3 to 7. Three of them in same month of August and other two in June.

As my son shares his birthday with my engineering college friend Rashmi, another friend from same group, Thanu’s daughter Janu shares birthday with me. :o) I do know 2 more who share same birthday. Are you still here with me? LOL

I had met a mom and son at the temple on Feb 29th of the last leap year. They said it was both of their’s birthday! We were amused and she went on to add that even her mother or father (can’t remember) share the same Feb 29th. It is one of the rarest I think.!

When I was expecting Alya, there were 7 of us expecting in the neighbourhood. I was the one with first due date. I hadn’t decided on the name either. Day before I went in for C-section, I met my neighbor who was going in for her c-section the week after. After Alya was born, I checked my email to see that my neighbor had written our kids would be sharing b’day, since she is going in on the same day for emergency c-section. 5 days later, we realized that we even named our kids ALMOST the same. :o) Her daughter’s name is Alma. It’s funny how both have another trait of putting two fingers in the mouth!

Okay I won’t torture more with number games. But one more is interesting to end the post with. My sister and her daughter’s birth date combination is same as my Mother-In-Law and her daughter (my Sister-In-Law). That is 15th May and 5th June respectively. Also my sister shares her birthday with her MIL and a friend of mine.:o).
Look around and see if you can have fun seeing these co-incidences.


Anonymous said...

Good one sumee. I agree with you cellphone taking away our good old habit of remembring dates. Here are few date coincidences from my side. Both me and my brother Gopi share the same b'day oct 4th. In my husband's family he and his nephews have 22 nd as b'day but may,june,aug and sep :) my son suraj missed this tradition by a day he is 21st dec. Lol
- Lakshmi

Anonymous said...

Cool...I was not even close to getting confused it all......I have three friends who got married on their b'day(S). so birthday n' anniversary together. And one of my close friend delivered her baby boy on her b' they share b'days(mom n' son's big day).
- Aruna

Anonymous said...

oh summe tai i loved ur blog even i share my b'day date with my inlaws anniversary and my MIL s b'day is very next day of my b'day,our anniversary date is april 12th and Advita's b'day is on june 12th and so many more... :)
- Shwetha

Anonymous said...

For me Jan, feb and Marach are worst...max. friends and family share b'day in these 3 months and i always get confused with the dates...for Sumee, i know i wished her late when i realised 18th is all gone :(

I ma happy atleast FB gives some help :D :D( Just Kidding)

- Nisha

Anonymous said...

That makes my "prediction" based on numerology easier. I have to remember someone who has that birthdate and more often than not they have similar characteristics :))
Need I tell you the ladies charm to this skill ;)