Wednesday, February 23, 2011


After my last post I was thinking about how many more surprises have happened with me. It was either me planning to surprise someone or someone else surprising me. All in all, it's so much of adrenaline rush :o).

I liked to surprise people, well even now I do. After my eldest sis Vidya got engaged, I came face to face with major surpriserrr! My Brother-In-Law Shailesh. Even now he keeps doing something or the other every time. There are so many instances that I can’t even count. For the starters, he lives in Pune and back then we didn’t have phone at home. So he would call my sisters at our neighbour’s house. It was Dushera time and we both were supposed to go to my uncle’s factory to help with the decorations for the festival. As we were leaving she got a call from him. After the conversation we left. At the factory, we both were directing workers with decorations, I heard my sister scream. I turned around and I screamed. Coz my then would-be BIL was standing right at the entrance. It seems his brother had some work in B’lore, so he offered to do it and in the bargain get to meet his bride and her family. :o)

There are many occasions when my elder sister shows up in B’lore unannounced to surprise. Then my BIL many times shows up a day early, so always unexpected with them. :o). My mom hates all this surprises though. She says that if we tell her beforehand, she will be sooo looking forward to that day with excitement. If it’s a surprise, it’s momentary she says:o). I see her point actually, especially if you are visiting them. Last time we thought we will keep our travel to India a surprise, since we decided to go at the last minute. But then I remembered what my mom says and changed that thought and told everyone about our travel.

Once I went to India after 3 yrs and I hadn’t seen anyone from my side of the family. But since it was Yogi’s brother’s wedding we were supposed to go to Mumbai directly and then to native for the wedding. So I would be meeting my family only after 2 weeks at the wedding. As we went out of the airport, I saw my parents!!! I was sooooo happy, they had come all the way to receive us. Since I was coming after so long, they couldn’t wait another 2 wks to see me. So they flew in. Then I saw my younger sister Vandu with her 9 month old Pranav in hand! I was on top of the world. It was such an emotional reunion.

After coming here to US, mostly it's become baby shower surprises, which includes, Nisha's, Frany's and Veena's (tried one more with Uma and failed!! coz we gave away too much infomation by insisting on wearing a saree!! ) For Nisha’s baby shower, I called up one afternoon and asked her to come quickly to my apt and kept the ph. She came running and we screamed surprise! She looked at all of us and ran back coz she didn’t wanted us to take pics in her house clothes. It was too funny. For Frany, Vishali invited her for lunch (we couldn’t wait for her hubby coming next wkd, coz it would have given away too much) And she had no clue about what was going on. She walked in and I remember she having the same look that I must have had. :o). For Veena, her hubby Vasanta booked a place and brought her in pretext of someone else’s party. I had taken sarees and jewellary to get her dressed. So it all worked out so well.!!!

There are times when I have surprised Yogi, on his birthdays mostly. After few years he started to expect the surprises, so I have given it a break by not giving any. :o)
It’s fun to do it sometime and do it to people who enjoy getting one. So enjoy and cherish the moments as they come!


Miss Stymie said...

It's great to have friends who care. Treasure them baby esp when extended family is not around. These are the ones who'll help you get over being homesick.
I love surpries too esp scary ones ;)

Stumped said...

I know.. But not such about scary ones though!. :o). I remember you have had some experience. ;o)

Thanu said...

You are on a roll Sumee. I love your posts. Puts a smile on my face :).

Stumped said...

Thanks Thanu. :o).

Anonymous said...

Yes. I think the surprise that your parents and sister did by coming to airport was a good one. I could see the joy on your face. I agree cannot match shailesh's nature to surprise everybody...